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Gone Too Far & Back Again: The Return of Too Far Gone Records

The Independent Music scene is awash with small , home grown record labels working to fill our lives and record collections with worthwhile music, some try to produce large volumes, and others produce small or limited, and highly collectable runs. The small labels produce 7”, 331/3 and cassettes, some have been around with a huge following, some appear and soon, unfortunately, disappear, often with no warning, but they leave a legacy of music that is formidable and rivals the big label value, and often surpasses the big companies and labels for quality of production.

With the growth of the Vinyl Record scene, the lifespan of the Indie Labels have extended, and we at IndiePulse gather the music of many labels and producers, and we find all of it has an intrinsic value that make every recording a treasure.

A little over 2 years ago, we made the acquaintance of Too Far Gone Records, a small but impressive label out of Boston MA, producing variants and limited boutique recordings, and we were intrigued by them. Too far Gone did not release any new material for a while, and outside of a few of their sites, we thought they may have folded. It is with great pleasure that we have found that Too Far Gone is not only still a vibrant label, but they have revised their business and are hitting the beat hard and fast with several new releases. Recently, Too Far Gone is extremely happy to announce their first release in more than 2 years.

On March 22nd 2019, a group named Thurst is releasing their album ‘Project Isle Demotion’, a limited edition cassette via Too Far Gone Records. pre-orders come with an exclusive pin and digital B-side demo.

We at IndiePulse had an opportunity to speak with Billy Philhower, owner and producer of Too Far Gone Records about the label, its hiatus and their exciting return to the Independent Music Scene.

IPM: Tell us about Too Far Gone Records, how did you start?

Too Far Gone started in 2013 during the spring semester of my freshman year of college. I had a class in the fall semester where I was tasked with interviewing someone that I was interested in knowing more about. For my assignment, I decided to interview Chris Rejec from Square of Opposition Records – a record label based in Pennsylvania that had put out a bunch of really awesome records since I found out about them a few years prior. After hearing the story behind Square of Opposition starting, I basically just wanted to see if I could do the same thing. I reached to online forums for bands to send me submissions and organized a 20-ish song digital compilation to raise awareness for the artists. Decided to buy a used tape deck off eBay and record cassettes of some of the band’s individual albums for the first few releases, then put out a 7” by an awesome band called The Exploration (RIP) and the rest is history.

IPM: Can we ask about your 2 year absence from producing releasing records?

For sure. So, like I mentioned I started releasing records when I was in college and as graduation approached in May 2016 I was kinda staring down the potential options for what I was going to do with it once I wasn’t in school anymore. I started a full-time digital marketing job in June 2016 and put out 2 records after that – shakusky.’s ‘Honor Her’ and Halfsour’s ‘Charm School’ – but then basically decided that I had too much going on and wanted to prioritize my job as much as possible. I actually put out 2 records in 2017 through a side label I started called Day Crush, including a full-length LP by I Hate Sex who I worked with through Too Far Gone as well, but then halted that too.

Now I’m at a point where I’ve really missed releasing records and am eager to get back into it, but I want to keep it relatively slow for the time being.


IPM: Tell us about the label now, and about some of the releases you have coming up?

So the first post-hiatus release is a cassette run for Thurst’s ‘Project Isle Demotion’! I found Thurst on bandcamp late one night a few months ago and fell in love with their sound. I think they’re fucking awesome. That tape is officially out March 22nd. Kory and I were texting last week and he’s been working on some music as well, so keep an eye out for potentially more from Thurst later on this year.

There’s one other release that’s confirmed, but the details are still being ironed out, so I don’t want to talk publicly about it yet. What I will say is that it would be a new 12” from a band that has already put out a good amount of material through Too Far Gone in the past.

One or two other releases are being kicked around, but nothing else locked in. Like I said, I don’t want to slanging records as frequently as I did in like, 2013-2015. I do want to do some cool stuff though, so hopefully more announcements soon!

IPM: What can we expect from Too Far Gone, and what may we see in the future?

3-5 releases this year. Reprinting some old t-shirt designs. New inventory of stickers. Working on a general creative overhaul too (don’t worry, the ghost logo isn’t going anywhere).

A lot of what I’m doing right now is re-laying the foundation for the label and building back up a solid network of folks that are still operating in DIY circles. A lot has changed in the 2 years that I’ve been gone. So, even if I’m not pumping out release announcements every other week, I’m likely working on something behind the scenes.




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