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Radical Face is not as “Hard of Hearing” as you are lead to believe.

“If you wait for ideal conditions, you’ll never get anything done”

Therapy is an EP about aftermath. “We often write about immediate experiences, but not so much about trying to make sense of what you’re left with. These new songs cover different aspects of this – doubt, guilt, acceptance – and the search for a new sense of normalcy after everything has changed.”

“Hard of Hearing” is about the awkward middle period – that space where you don’t feel well at all, but you can outwardly function again. Through working with a therapist, one learns that you usually understand things long before you feel them, creating a sense of limbo. That limbo is where this song lives.

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In Review: “Hard of Hearing” is an analogy, a modern and almost mythical tale with a no frills reality in its message, the hero of the story is trying desperately to find center, to find some joy, some happiness, but the fates seem against him, suddenly and at times literally opening a vein, for no reason, bursting into flames, falling prey to some things that would blow the minds of many, yet, the hero keeps calm, and finds moments even when it makes no sense to be calm, he just copes with it, and in the end he is “fine”, battered, broken, bloody… but fine. Personally, I look forward to seeing and hearing more, and if this album comes to Vinyl, I’m buying it, in a moment of a blink.


“This video was a lot of firsts. It was my first time shooting in the Los Angeles area, and was shot by Roy Berry, a longtime friend of mine who had never filmed a video before. The shoot was also managed and decorated by another friend, Katie Parisi. She’s organized plenty of things in her life, but never a video. Despite it all being a gamble, everything went a lot smoother than any of us imagined it could. I think I found a new film crew!”

Radical Face will be releasing the Therapy EP with you before it’s released on April 26th.





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