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Moe Green’s Eye releases single “Who’ll Take Me Home”


Steve Siegel, guitarist and chief songwriter for Moe Green’s Eye, continues to notice something phenomenal every time the four piece, soon to be five piece NYC rock powerhouse performs. Not only have crowds been growing, but comments from venue engineers who hear bands all of the time are commenting on the quality of the songwriting and performances.

The release of their first single “Wasted” off “After the Baptism” caught the immediate attention of critics and also Genya Ravan from Sirius XM 21 Underground Garage and she played their first single on her show as part of the best unsigned talent segment.

Their latest single, “Who’ll Take Me Home” is also being aired in March. Who’ll Take Me Home” is Moe Green’s Eye’s latest single and it shows a different side of the band. The songs on “After the Baptism” like “Who’ll Take Me Home” are more musically ambitious and look at very real aspects of life, but not the most pleasant. “Who’ll Take Me Home” is a compendium of essentially true stories about women who went from High School bombshell to older barfly, partly because of arrogance and vanity. The song was inspired by people that were known to the band members and they were surprised as to how the lives of the girls they knew in High School had turned out.

While the song looks at a gritty and unpleasant view of life, it offers it up with infectious music and strong hooks. When asked why the band writes songs that show a harder/darker side of life, their response is simply, “life is too airbrushed everywhere you look and you need to see the darker side of life to be honest with yourself, try to change your circumstances and appreciate what you truly have.”Who’ll Take Me Home” while telling a story, is also a warning and a plea to not succumb to the sins of vanity and arrogance, because of the very real and predictable consequences to future happiness.

The idea for the cool project title came from Siegel. “We wanted an EP title to fit our Godfather theme and but show that it was a second effort.” “After the Baptism” is the perfect EP title. Not only does it clearly state that it’s their second effort, but in the Godfather, Michael settles all family debts after the baptism of his sister Connie’s son.  Doing a live first effort EP, showed that the band can deliver solid live performances, but this EP, clearly shows that Moe Green’s Eye knows their way around a recording studio. The EP was recorded at Fenix Studio’s in Staten Island, New York, engineered by Peter Grancio and self-produced by Moe Green’s Eye.

Moe Green’s Eye’s spirited studio and live performances are driven by a dynamic band chemistry rooted in the decades-long friendships of its members and their impressive individual musical histories. In the 90s, Siegel was in the band Say When, which was signed on spec to Elektra Records. Mackey had been part of two previous touring major label groups. Gallagher had a long history of live and session drumming and the recent addition of 2nd guitarist Frank Bove, another long-time friend and member of the early 90’s New York based band “Fuzion.”

Despite all being friends for over 20 years and being involved in different projects, they never had the opportunity to play together. With the recent addition of 2nd guitarist Bove, it allows the band to become more sonically complex live and in the studio as well as explore greater depths of their musical influences, which is evident of the songs on Baptism.

Moe Green’s Eye musical growth from its first effort to its latest “After the Baptism”, is impressive in that such significant musical and lyrical leaps were accomplished in such a short period of time, showing that Moe Green’s Eye did not fall to the sophomore slump and is poised to give us interesting music for some time to come.

Baptism is a very strong effort, with very catchy hooks and deep observational lyrics. Moe Green’s Eye is not a band that everyone will get, but if you love music that is incredibly catchy, makes you really think and see the uplifting messages coming from darker life themes, this is clearly the band for you.



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