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The BeeKeepers “Roots Run Deep”


An elegant string arrangement frames an exquisite vocal as we enter the stunning new single from The BeeKeepers, “Roots Run Deep,” which is available this month everywhere that independent music is sold and streamed. From the very start of the song, the mighty melody being dispensed from a plaintive acoustic guitar is gripping every one of our senses and drawing us closer to the spellbinding radiance that the band is seamlessly cultivating. An innocent harmony finds its way into the fold and guides the decadent strings into the opening stanza, which wastes no time before wrapping its articulate arms around us in a warm, poetic embrace. There are a lot of really incredible alternative folk groups making music at the moment, but few are sporting the erudite songcraft that The BeeKeepers do in this latest single, and moreover, every one of their stylish releases.

The tempo here is patient, but this serenade isn’t devoid of a subtle sense of urgency that will keep us on the edge of our seats from start to finish. Although “Roots Run Deep” runs less than three minutes in total length, its engaging textures hypnotize us with their pendulousness, and make us feel as if we’re taking in a complete symphony instead of a mere studio single. The melodies here are larger than life and captivating in every sense, but they’re never overstated in the grander scheme of things. If The BeeKeepers do one thing better than any of their peers do, it’s retain a simplicity in their star material that stands in strong contrast to the overindulgent fodder plaguing mainstream pop music today.


This master mix is crisp and concise, and really allows for us to experience all of the understated physicality in the harmonies being presented to us around every twist and turn that the verses are beholden to. We spend the first minute and a half of the song churning in a vortex of string grooves that, while unsupported by a percussive track here, manage to produce a mesmerizing, albeit implied, beat. As the vocals take command over the direction of the song, “Roots Run Deep” evolves into a boisterous slice of pastoral balladry that is admittedly vocally-driven but certainly just as evocative in its instrumentation. This could be their most robustly arranged single to date, and it demonstrates the emotional depth of The BeeKeepers possibly better than anything else ever has.

Surreal by design, sublimely produced and sensationally stirring in more ways than one, The BeeKeepers’ “Roots Run Deep” is required listening for folk enthusiasts and alternative music aficionados alike this spring, and to say that it represents a new highpoint for this phenomenally talented trio of organically talented artists would be putting it very mildly. By placing their colorful vocal harmonies at the forefront of this mix, The BeeKeepers give us no choice but to be swept away in their angelic stylization of profoundly intimate lyrics, and it’s no exaggeration to say that theirs is a skillset that few acts in their scene – if any – could ever hope to possess. I can’t wait to hear more from this group as the future unfolds, and after giving “Roots Run Deep” a spin, I think that you’ll feel the same.


Mindy McCall



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