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“Estuaries” The new Single from Jangling Sparrows

Paul Edelman, singer / songwriter and lead of the group known as Jangling Sparrows has been moving forward through these times making and performing music that inspires and touches the very deepest parts of the human soul.  Of the many songs and the albums that he and his fellow artists have created, some of the most touching songs are among his recent work, as the same is true of the recent release, the single called “Estuaries”.


When asked about the foundation of the track,  Paul said “ I wrote it for a friend that was going through a hard time. It’s supposed to be a tough love song about perspective. I’m trying to motivate them to continue to move forward by showing them that I understand what they are going through. That it happens to all of us. In writing it, I ended up thinking a lot about my own past turmoil and allowed myself to wallow in them. That is why the song is so “aggressive”. I’m pleading, I’m sharing their frustrations. I’m trying to create a musical “onomatopoeia”. The hope is that if someone listening really believes they are understood then they are more likely to take the advice and work through things.”

Jangling Sparrows has a blues / folk sound with a blend of R&B / Soul that is subtle and profound, and “Estuaries” comes from a place in the human heart that many are afraid to reveal. Where Paul has said that his music verges on Country, I personally feel that it is more Americana, and encompasses all of America, every man woman and child, his music is inclusive and inspires the spirit, yes I am a big fan and you should be too.

“Estuaries” has a Modern / Pop sound, heavy rhythm and Guitar Rock oriented, fast paced lyrics and upbeat tracking, the lyrics hit home and are a “wake up “ call for those that feel stuck in a rut and need that loving “Kick in the ass” to see what life has to offer if you have the courage to face your problems head on and take a “Take No Prisoners”  drive, a really great track for the modern times we live in.


“You Got To Get Out” and hear Jangling Sparrows Now !



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