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Taylen releases All My Girls (single)

Recycled rhythm and pendulous beats are nowhere to be found in Taylen’s brand new, game-changer of a single, “All My Girls.” In their place, we instead find surreal melodies, a blanketing bassline that is ready to sweep us off of our feet even in cursory listens, and a vocal from Taylen herself that is steeped in a vintage tonality but delivered to us in pristine, high definition sound. “All My Girls” arrives at a time of renewed interest in female pop singers on both sides of the sonic spectrum, but don’t think for a minute that this is a single conceived in the same trend-tethered breath as some of the output by her more commercialized brethren. Taylen doesn’t know how to be anyone other than herself, and in this song, as with all of her releases, she isn’t trying to be someone who she isn’t in any way, shape or form. She’s proud of her identity, and exploits everything that her God-given skillset has to offer to listeners who are looking for an erudite breed of pop music to start off 2019 right with.


This single is anthemic lyrically and features a really ambitious construction that tells us a lot about what her creative trajectory is bending towards at the moment. There’s an undeniable postmodernity in abundance in her conservative execution of the lyrics alongside this urgent, assaultive synth groove framing the melody, and while the contrast is mesmerizing and undoubtedly enriched by the master mix, it isn’t overstated in the big picture here at all. As indulgently designed as “All My Girls” is, it doesn’t cloud the central narrative in the verses that Taylen is dispatching with ease from the eye of this swirling storm of beats, and that alone is reason enough for me to proclaim this track one of the more brilliantly-produced songs that I’ve had the chance to review this season. It would be a crime to rob audiences of the opportunity to really appreciate every studded subtlety within the scope of her serenade, and this track doesn’t even flirt with the notion of doing anything so foolish and counterintuitive.


The tonality presented to us in “All My Girls” has me convinced that Taylen is destined for great things in this business, and I say that knowing full-well just how much competition she’s coming up against right now on the international scene. She’s doing a terrific job of setting herself apart in this single, and from where I sit, she’s actually starting to steal away some of the spotlight from both her American and European counterparts through her inspired sense of experimentation (that, as far as I’m concerned, is what will make her a superstar one day). Taylen isn’t afraid to try new things, reject the status quo and shape her own sound based around a personalized aesthetic previously untried in the industry as it stands today. Her story has only begun being told, and in the years to come, I have a feeling that this won’t be the only smash song that she throttles in our collective direction.

Mindy McCall



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