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My name is Andrew, and I have been appointed to author some posts for Indie Pulse Music! I must warn you, I am not great at making first impressions at all; this is the first time I have been asked to do anything of this nature, so you’ve been warned. I’m also going to be attending school for Journalism come September, enough about me though (I feel like I am commencing an online dating profile, this is why I never was good at dating); what makes me special.

First off, I’m Canadian, and from what I understand, the only Canadian author. So I am going to be bringing a different kind of “Flavour In Ya Ear”. I have been lurking around Toronto venues, meeting artists and bands from around the world and hearing a vast array of styles. I have heard punk bands and artists from Brazil, the UK, Pakistan, United States and Canada. Lately music has been changing, I’m seeing a new genres being created, also I’ve discovered genres that aren’t really mainstream like Surf Punk, and Rockabilly (as a side note, I feel as if Country music is trying to hijack the Indie Scene in Toronto). What I mean to say, you don’t learn some of these genres in your average music class. I’ve also been a Social Media Reporter for the Toronto International Beaches Jazz Fest, you can say I get around; musically. I’ve seen bands come, and sadly I have seen bands disappear.  I also got into the music scene in the wake of feminism and the #MeToo movement, so it’s been quite a ride; I played music up until 05′, before I went to university in 08, finished 13′ and got back into the music scene later that year. You can say it’s quite a bit different now.

In the next few weeks, I will be trying to bring some Canadian content. To answer your question, we don’t all live in igloos and play hockey all time, at least most of us don’t. Let’s get er’ done, eh?

Yi @ The Silver Dollar Room

Yi @ The Silver Dollar Room.



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