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NY based Stephanie Hochman (My Luv Notes) releases new Single


NY based Stephanie Hochman is the singer of My Luv Notes, and “She Ain’t Me” is the new single which comes recommended for an assortment of good reasons. The first being that she donates some of the funds from her music to charity and doesn’t do it for stardom or fame and her own fortune. Secondly, the music is vastly superior to most R&B females singing in the industry today, with a mature edge added to an otherwise youthful genre. Those prospects alone make My Luv Notes worth delving into and swimming around for all there is to hear, of which her latest album is also fortified with.

Pianos, finger snaps and swooshing sounds are but one way to describe what’s heard whizzing around the big vocals that come in within seconds of the music. Hochman is also backed by vocals of which unfortunately cannot be identified but should be given their due credit here for helping the song groove. They really accompany the overall production and add that extra needed layer to the brilliant tune. You just don’t get this everyday anymore, so it’s a breath of fresh air to any classic pop style R&B lovers to sink their ears into.

Hochman appears to be an emerging new artist, but she’s obviously experienced beyond what she’s currently doing while operating in fairly low-key fashion. Not much else can be said without knowing, but “She Ain’t Me” can dispel some of that with more of the same from where My Luv Notes come, and it’s the overall soulful sound of her vocals that draw you in and keep you coming back for more. It’s what you might call and anti-love song because of the subject matter, but it plays like a soft ballad, nonetheless, and the lyrics go a long way in explaining that without repeating them here.


But if the words don’t get you then tune itself will, and that’s the mark of any good song, which Hochman doesn’t hesitate to bring to the table. This track is one hundred percent hypnotic from the time she starts singing till the last breath she takes, and the music keeps it balanced for radio airplay accessibility on a level not everyone can compete. It’s a tall order but well played out for anyone to hear just how good music can be, these-days, as 2019 comes on strong with such world class examples.

It’s enough to say about a great artist and piece of music that meet their own needs and yours in the same stroke, but it’s a discovery era, so it’s up to the listener to seek out the music and this is one worth searching up on the web or finding anyway you can. What more to be suggested than to find My Luv Notes and find “She Aint Me” and you’ll be one more song richer for it. Not many can compare on the same level without more exposure and that is what it merits at the very least, with second to none precision.

Mindy McCall



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