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Exclusive Interview With Top 20 iTunes Artist John Vento!

John Vento is an acclaimed and well-respected musician from Pittsburgh. His latest album, “Love, Lust & Other Wreckage” was released with MTS Records in January, and the first single, “Rainbows and Lightning” has been all over the airplay charts and reached the iTunes rock chart Top 20. John took time out from his busy schedule to answer a few questions about his music and plans for the near future.

Indie Pulse Music: Thanks for taking the time, John.  Please tell us about your latest album, “Love, Lust & Other Wreckage.”

John Vento: Well it was a 2 1/2 year labor of love. A true design- build project. In other words I went into the studio with some rough sketches and let things develop organically. I had such a great team – Dave Granati – producer & guitarist, Bert Lauble – co writer, Cherylann Hawk – vocalist & collaborator. This is how we describe the record: “Love, Lust and Other Wreckage; A new experiential performance effort by John Vento works as a theatrical confession. Original  songs, intimate storytelling and scenes bounce a unique tension between one man’s journey into the inside of an almost compulsive lust to create music, an insatiable desire to love and the struggle of climbing from the wreckage ensued by this pursuit.  And it’s mostly all true.”

IPM: What is your favorite track on the album and why?

JV: Baby Blues – the most personal and first track we recorded

IPM: How was it recording with David Granati of the Granati Brothers?

JV: Dave was incredible, so creative and passionate.

IPM: Did he share any stories from the day’s opening for Van Halen?

JV: Hell yes !!! They are still friends Eddie & Alex

IPM: Your single, “Rainbows and Lightning” is doing very well on the radio and sales charts, congrats!  Tell us about the single…how did you come up with that title?

JV: Thank you, we are very proud of this track. It was the original
a demo track called ” Methane Motherload” and it was not going to be on the album. I loved the music but couldn’t make the melody or lyrics work so I shelved the whole thing. Then Cherylann and I went on a drive up Rt28
outside of Pittsburgh to get away and write. Yep… you guessed it we drove
into a storm that ended and their it was a beautiful rainbow with lighting
bolts bouncing off it. We had our song title and Cherylann took it from

IPM: Your album is a soundtrack to a musical coming up.  How did that project come together?  

JV: After recording a few songs we made the decision to make the
album thematic, all about relationships and the torture that goes with it.
LOL  After we completed most of the rough mixes I took the music and my idea for stage play to well-known playwright Amy Hartman, needless to say she loved the idea and ran with it ! Tell us about the musical. It’s a dark
comedy , all dialogue, no set changes, we will be promoting real soon. The
Oaks Theater is already booked for 9/13 & 9/14 of this coming fall. 

IPM: How’s the music scene in Pittsburgh?

JV: I think it’s really growing. So many young artists committed to original music. Still struggling with club venues closing but hopefully that will turn around soon.

IPM: Any touring plans?  

JV: Only regional – listening rooms, coffee shops, etc.

IPM: What has been the highlight of your music career so far?

JV: Opening for Gino Vannelli in Nov 2018 at the sold- out Palace Theater

IPM: Radio airplay, sales/streams/ awards?  Which is most important to you and why?

JV: None … what’s most important is someone saying that one of my songs
touched their heart, or connecting with someone at a live show. For me
that’s worth more than any other monetary reward. 

IPM: Any plans for a follow up album, and if so, when do you think you’ll
have that ready?

JV: Not at this time, though we are finishing up a few tracks that didn’t make the album. Actually it’s sounding pretty darn good. LOL. My
focus right now is supporting the album and getting ready for the stage play
in September.

IPM: Thanks for taking the time.  Good luck, John!

JV: Thank you !!! God bless

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