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Carlos Morgan drops new Single

Carlos Morgan is an amazing soul singer/songwriter and producer from Toronto, and this is the first I’ve heard of him but so glad to come across such a superior song by an artist of that same ilk. It’s like a breath of fresh air and then some to hear “Have A Little Faith” come pouring out of the speakers, especially at the time it did for me, which doesn’t add anything to this review but it does help it resonate beyond its own ability to sooth the soul every time you listen to this magnificent song, it’s so good it will melt your heartstrings.

Of all the subjects to sing about in order to really get the message out there, this is some of the best material I’ve heard in years, and that is a tall order in any sense of the imagination. So, looking back to 2014 the album album, “The Compilation” got the Best Male R&B Artist and the “Role Model Certificate of Recognition” @ The 2014 Black Canadian Awards.”  Then in 2016, Morgan received the Gold Medal Male Vocalist Award from The Global Music Awards for “Sweet As You Are.” And in 2017, Morgan was honored by the city of Toronto for his musical contributions there.

The new album, “Where I’ve Been, Where I’m Going” is set for fall of 2019 on his label, Solroc Music. This single is all about the trials and tribulations along the road of life which anyone can relate to and that is why it is so special, but Morgan accounts for all in the credit department, as it’s his to receive, even if he is Canada’s best kept secret, because that won’t last if he keeps putting out such great content. You can find it all at the usual locations and his website, where you can hear more of where this comes from. It only takes the push of some buttons to find and add to playlists and keep it burning.


When it all boils down, you’ll be glad you heard Carlos Morgan and keep his music around, because it’s exactly what it does by immediately drawing you into his soulful voice and pure genius delivery. It will keep you anticipating his next album release and that’s what singles are ultimately for, when they’re released in advance of any EP or full-length LP. And this is likely to be out in stores, not just music to be found online, or so it meets that criteria without a doubt. You can’t get any better than this, all you can do is meet it with more from his own class, which is hard to come by in any musical era, across all music genre’s.

You don’t just get R&B from Morgan, you get it all including gospel inflections and everything. This is not a second-or third-class artist, but a world class musician to reckon with. And whenever that is the case, you’re in for a guaranteed product that will last a lifetime. “Have A Little Faith” is one of those songs, therefore it comes highly recommended to the world.


Mindy McCall



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