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Chris Twist, An Artist Back from the Edge

 Article by Joseph Timmons: IndiePulse Music Magazine

Chris Twist, writer, photographer, musician, singer, performance artist and more, lived a life driven by inspiration, and without warning, it was all gone, yet he has rebuilt his life and has recaptured the essence of living in everything he does, with a power and drive that can only be called miraculous.

Chris began performing and singing when he was still in his teenage years and wrote all of the lyrics for his band, All Systems A GoGo. Things, according to him were going very well, until Four years ago, Chris Twist suffered from a traumatic brain injury, leaving him unable to do what he had based his life on.

His first year was so bad he could not even use his legs or arms. He also had to relearn the entire language of English. He discovered that he suffered from a condition known as Aphasia. He had to relearn the whole world as he felt lost. He dedicated himself to relearning the history of states, countries, people, and most importantly, his own past.

Suffering from an issue that would render life unbearable for many, Chris Twist didn’t have a lot of time for becoming depressed. He realized he had a lot of work ahead of himself getting his life back. He began working towards recovery back during the first year of his brain injury, by the second year he was able to write, read, and to talk again. He started getting his confidence back when he wrote an article for Having a published article meant everything to him!


After that initial first year, Chris Twist started to relearn the rest of his abilities. He couldn’t even conceive living without all of these skills that made him who he was. Throughout the second year till now, Chris has been relearning piano, guitar, singing, contortionist, sword swallowing, writing, photography, and anything that is creative in nature.

He still loves the music that he made before. He especially loves the lyrics in these songs.

The music and genre were made from a time when all his emotions were either sinister or vicious. All Systems A GoGo created Twenty-nine songs. There are six singles that you can listen to through Spotify, ITunes, and Amazon. All of these songs were made in his home.

He choreographed all of these songs with his band and a fellow bandmate named Monica Sterling. Monica Sterling was the female vocalist in All Systems A GoGo. She specialized in using synths and drums along with Chris Twist. Unfortunately, since Chris’s brain injury they are no longer in communication.

Looking towards a brighter future and not to dwell on the past, he has learned “that the only time that you can change is now. Living life with the philosophy that if you are doing something for the future, you are still doing it in the now”.

I Just Destroy Art

Many people in Chris’s life have inspired him to share his work. Many former performers and artist believe these twenty-nine songs are thrilling, full of drama and sharp. The lyrics and the actual melodies made by All Systems A GoGo are heavy and visceral in content. This music will always be in the soul, body, and mind of Chris Twist and his devoted fans.

As he keeps making new music, he will always remember what he started from and how this music will help shape him in the future.

All Systems A GoGo is how he started learning and collaborating in the world of music. He will never be done making music and performing as a songwriter.

Chris continues to follow his passions, to be a everything he once was again, and more. These events have shaped his life as his art as it has ultimately shaped and defined who it was, is, and who he will become.




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