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Trevor Drury –  “Head on the Tracks”


Every once in a great while, there’s an artist who isn’t afraid to push the boundaries of pop as far as they can go without completely destroying the integrity of the genre’s mass-appeal, and in Trevor Drury, audiophiles have a solo singer and songwriter who is more than adept at doing just that. His brand new single “Head on the Tracks” is raising eyebrows and blowing up online streaming sites this March, and it isn’t hard to figure out why once you hear it in all of its stylish glory. “Head on the Tracks” features a sly serenade tucked in between some of the most contagious hooks and surreal harmonies you’re going to hear all season long, and if you think that’s an overstatement, then you obviously aren’t familiar with the musical mysticism that is Trevor Drury’s work.



Drury pays a lot of attention to the most understated of details in his songs, and this single could be his most fine-tuned effort thus far. He’s got so much evocative tonality in his voice without ever having to augment it with high-end studio varnish, and unlike a lot of his closest rivals, he stays away from weighing down his vocal track with a lot of bells and whistles in “Head on the Tracks.” Drury doesn’t strike me as the sort of artist who has any interest in bolstering his organic melodicism with a lot of plasticity and cheap vibrato, and with a voice as velvety as his is, what would be the point in doing so to begin with?


He sounds a lot more comfortable in the booth in this track than he ever has before, and that’s really something when we examine his swagger in songs like “Trip to the Water” and honestly anything on 2016’s The Start. His confidence never translates to arrogance in “Head on the Tracks,” but I definitely get the vibe that he’s feeling more in the zone in this single than he has in past offerings. He had a whirlwind start to his recording career, and things have yet to slow down by any critical or commercial measurement, but I’m impressed by how humble he’s stayed through the entirety of his sudden rise to fame. A lot of singers in his position would be getting jaded at this point, but he’s not giving us any indications in this single that the same is happening to him.

I’ve heard some really choice pop music this season, and Trevor Drury’s “Head on the Tracks” is definitely in the top tier of the lot. I’ve been a fan of Drury since coming across him some three years ago by chance, and as many of his longtime supporters are bound to notice in this song, his growth and creative evolution have become impossible for even the most ignorant of critics to ignore. He’s cooking with gas on this track and forging an additional layer in his artistic identity that I can’t wait to hear more from as 2019 continues on. There’s been a lot of talk about the abrasiveness of western pop music as the 2010’s have neared an end, but in the case of Trevor Drury, the genre has never sounded as smooth and accessible as it does when he picks up the mic.


Mindy McCall



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