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Jerad Finck releases new single HOME


“These questions in my mind / They’re keeping me up all night / Is this really over? / It can’t be over.”

Jerad Finck is wandering through a haunted house of harmonies in his new single “Home,” and he’ll spend the whole of the three minute pop song contemplating what it will take to find his sanity – and the missing piece of his life – in the grooves that comprise a chilling rhythm. His emotion is raw and unfiltered, contrasting with a sleekly designed synthesizer that will grind and grate against the grain of an impossibly dexterous beat that will leave club kids and pop buffs alike begging for more.

There’s nothing overstated in “Home.” From the vocal to the drums to the synths and the bloated bass that mirrors them, everything here is incredibly focused and acerbically mixed into a singular force of energy that delivers one melodic haymaker after another. True, the rhythm is intoxicating and difficult to get out of our heads once we’ve been exposed to it for the first time, but it isn’t a repetitive club drone that some of us have grown used to in this age of inarticulate pop music. Finck is too smart for that, and his music is evidence of his creative ethic.

The bass is exceptionally heavy in this single, but again, it’s never allowed to come all the way undone. Some might argue that there’s not a lot of room for Finck to make his moves in “Home,” but I think that the tight, claustrophobic master mix makes his vocal abilities stand out all the more than they already would have. If you come looking for a song by this guy, you’re not coming because of any shock value in his sonic profile; you’re coming because he’s got a gilded set of pipes and a sway in his grooves that is erogenous to put it mildly.

A radiant reverb gives the chorus an affectionate glow that, when juxtaposed with the sharp hook, makes the essence of the melody linger in the air for a long time after the song has stopped playing. There’s an almost classical construction to “Home” that makes it a little more complicated a composition than some of Finck’s simpler material (i.e. the 80’s-style power ballad “Criminal”), but I don’t think he’s in over his head here at all. He’s ready to make more stimulating pop music, and from my perspective, this is his ultimate statement piece.

2019 is starting to look like yet another big year for Jerad Finck, and his songwriting is sounding intimidatingly strong in “Home.” There have been so many excellent releases in the electropop genre so far this year – from Hazey Eyes and Moli’s “Hungover You” to the blistering “Fuck Love” by The Sweet Kill – but out of them all, I think that “Home” might be the most personal and emotionally-charged that I’ve heard. Finck is taking his music to the next level, and my gut tells me that this is only the first of many headline-making harmonies that we’re going to hear from him in the next couple of years.


Photo by Nick Alexander

Mindy McCall



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