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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Top 20 iTunes Chart Artist Cory M. Coons

2019 has seen Cory M. Coons at the top of his game. Produced by multi-platinum veteran Ron Nevison (Heart, Bad Company, Damn Yankees, Survivor, Styx, Night Ranger), Cory’s album “The Long Road Home” has spawned no less than three radio airplay chart hits: “Would You Stay,” “Long Road (Dead Man’s Dream)” and “Once Too Many, Twice Not Enough.” The critically-acclaimed outing also garnered Coons two Radio Music Awards and a nomination at the Ottawa Sound Music Awards. If that wasn’t enough, Coons also released his first career retrospective album, aptly titled, “Retrospective.” That album contained another radio hit, “Crumbs,” which has also received more than 18,000 streams on Spotify. In fact, Cory’s music has been streamed more than 34,000 times on the leading streaming service (as of this writing!) We were happy to welcome Cory M. Coons to the site for this exclusive one-on-one:

Indie Pulse Music: Thanks for taking the time, Cory. Please tell us about your latest single, “Break The Fall.”

Cory M. Coons: Thank you! “Break The Fall’ is a romantic tale of heartbreak & loss, with hints in the story of one that got away…And the power of one’s words bringing a belief in truth and change.”

IPM: The song has done very well on the iTunes singles chart, and is even
crossing over on the country radio charts. What do you attribute that

CMC: I think the song has a universal appeal. That’s great for a wider audience to cross over to some country charts, etc…! Although I still consider myself more of a rock n’ roller. 😉

IPM: How was it recording with Ron Nevison? Did he share any cool stories
about working with other artists?

CMC: Ron was great to work with. He delivers results! So many stories… lol. I remember him talking about working with a certain big name rock artist, who he took over to England to record in the 80’s… He wanted to keep him focused on the recording in a more secluded area away from any distractions like the L.A. Scene, or bars, etc. 😉

IPM: If there was one band that you would have loved to be in, aside from
your current situation, what band would that be, and why?

CMC: Not sure if there’s one I would have loved to be in, maybe a amazing vocal group like The Beach Boys. But I would have loved to collaborate with someone like Tom Petty. And even now someone like Tommy Shaw or Bryan Adams and Bon Jovi.

IPM: How is the music scene in Ottawa? Any live shows coming up for you?

CMC: I have a few summer dates starting to come in right now locally. There are a few festivals, etc that would be nice to be a part of. But we’ll see?

IPM: Any touring plans? Where would you most like to perform?

CMC: Nothing in stone for touring plans… I would consider that if it was the right opportunity. I enjoy performing for enthusiastic people, ones who are there to actually listen to the music. Not just a bar scene so much.

IPM: What has been the highlight of your music career so far?

CMC: Recording in places like L.A., San Francisco and Vancouver, WA with Ron Nevison. Performing in L.A. For the LAMA’s. And also the reaction to my latest album with it’s independent chart success so far with 4 singles has been very nice!

IPM: What advice would you have to offer a young musician, just getting
started in the business?

CMC: Be honest and true to yourself and your music. People can see right through something that isn’t from the heart!

IPM: Any plans for a follow up album to “The Long Road Home,” and if so,
when do you think you’ll have that ready?

CMC: I’m always working on new music. I will keep you posted!

IPM: Thanks for taking the time. Good luck, Cory!

CMC: Thank you so much for the opportunity!

Growing up in Eastern Ontario (South of Ottawa), Canada, Cory M. Coons has been passionate about music since his early teen years, and began learning guitar and bass, which led him to crafting his own melodies and musical ideas, while still in High School. Shortly after, Cory would continue travelling and performing in a variety of cover bands throughout the mid-to-late 90’s, in both Ontario and the Southeastern United States. Currently a solo recording artist and songwriter, Cory released “The Long Road Home,” produced Ron Nevison, with additional tracking/overdubs, and driving force on guitar, guitarist/engineer Marc D. Muir. Cory was just named Best Rock Songwriter for “Long Road (Dead Man’s Dream)” and Best Americana Artist for “Once Too Many, Twice Not Enough” at the 2018 “Radio Music Awards” on The Indie Music Channel. He also was a recipient of the 2014 “Studio Album Of The Year” for his Independent E.p “Share A Little Time” at the “Producer’s Choice Honors”, (formerly Los Angeles Music Awards), and is also nominated for “Rock Album Of The Year” this year for the first annual 2019 “Ottawa Sound Music Awards”. Other past nominations also include “Male Singer/Songwriter” and “Record Of The Year” in 2014, and in the “Rock Artist Of The Year” category for 2015 at the LAMA’s. He is a respected Freelance Guitar Instructor in the local St. Lawrence Seaway Valley and at Rock My House Music Centre in Kemptville, ON. Cory has opened and performed alongside such treasured National Canadian like like April Wine, Kim Mitchell, Glass Tiger and David Wilcox. http://www.corymcoons.com/



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