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IndiePulse Reviews: Leo’s Rising by Atlantis Aquarius

The Days of Wine and Vermillion Rose have returned, Atlantis Aquarius bring about the dawning of a new musical age of sprit empowering vibes with Leo’s Rising.

Born from the stars and rooted in Texas, Atlantis Aquarius blends atmospheric psychedelia with golden era rock and roll. Their earlier release of the EP, Nibirian Sun’s title track is in frequent rotation on indie radio and featured on international Spotify playlists. The video for said track has garnered much attention and is a fan favorite, with the 60’s essence and is brilliant in its composition.


It is with this knowledge of the universe it is no surprise that the new album Leo’s Rising by Atlantis Aquarius is another brilliant and enigmatic chapter in their book of life, their blues and early rock infused / inspired music is mind blowing and the lyrical timbers are sublime. The vocals reach out and grab you with the music itself washes over you, taking you deep into the bands mindset, a new native and spiritual world swirls and draws you into it without resistance.

The opening track Deja Vudoo is has both a bright and pop-ish tickle but also a somewhat sinister back beat, with it’s dreamy imagery and a funky tempo, it is something to experience. Moving forward to Waiting On The Next Life, and then on to Jesus Lives In Mexico, the band has an uncanny way to take you into the past, again, as if you were reliving the mind expanding decade the brought us the civil rights movement and the concept of human equality, with all the inspiration that came with it, and very much like their track The Feels, Leo’s Rising is an emotionally stirring album.


The track On My Way, not only begins side 2 of the album, but moves into a different direction, more modern in it’s tempos and vibration, sort of a glad blend of the previous side’s tracks and storytelling, the track definitely has a driving beat and offers change in philosophy ( listen to the lyrics and you will understand). The Voices In My Head has a kick to it, one that fills you with a fun and frisky feeling, and it is also very introspective. The last track to round out this psychedelic experience is the song Atlantis, an amazing and stirring  rendition of the Donovan Classic, a song that has and will always be synonymous with the 60’s experience, however, I wish the group had done the entire song, including the opening poetic verses telling of the creation of the mythical land beyond that lay within the waters of the mind’s third eye. This being said, it is still a beautiful cover all the same.


Leo’s Rising by Atlantis Aquarius released on the Nomad Eel Records label is now available through the label’s Bandcamp page and select retail outlets to be mentioned soon.

Nomad Eel has been coming out with some releases this past year that have been fast becoming the most sought after albums, in mention, the album by Young Creatures, The Future Is Finally Now and artists like Livingmore, Imadd Wasif and Zig Zags have all found a home on a label that is dedicated to releasing music that has a vibrancy of life that the essence of the Indie Music Scene.

Check out Leo’s Rising by Atlantis Aquarius and all of the great albums presently available via Nomad Eel Records on Bandcamp.

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