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NYC based songwriter Aviv Gilad releases of his newest EP, “Well,​ Fuck​.” tomorrow , May 3rd 2019.

This hilariously and well considered titled release is no fluke, as to the title, this EP is his submission to the time-honored tradition of The Breakup Album. He draws deeply from the wellspring of previously bared broken hearts, from Paul Simon to Blake Mills to Chopin.

The​ result is a rich EP that balances thoughtful composition, down-to-earth storytelling, and tasteful musicianship from Aviv and the wide array of guests that joined him on the record.

Well F Cover

He says of the record, “sometimes, a breakup just happens, and there’s no one to blame. You can feel terrible and lost and just know that it’s because of a situation, not a person. At that point, the only logical thing to say is, ‘Well, Fuck’”.

Aviv Gilad grew up in Topanga, California, a little hippie town in the mountains just north of LA. Back in the day, it was a haven for tons of rock legends, from Jimi Hendrix to Neil Young to Canned Heat. Growing up around that kind of energy, it’s hard not to end up becoming a musician.

Aviv 1

Aviv Gilad played all kinds of stuff as a kid – he played Bach in competitions, wrote death metal concept albums, and even for a bit, he was the touring keyboardist for Daniel Bambaata Marley. At the age of 18, he moved out to New York to pursue dreams of playing extremely technical jazz-funk for tens of people but never lost touch with his musical roots: writing songs in the Great American Tradition.

As it would be, I am a Native New Yorker, Born in Brooklyn and raised on Long Island, the sun swept shore of Long Beach was for the greater part of my life, a small bit of heaven, as so was the music scene, I would like to think that music of New York can find the relatable truths of life.

As in this album Well, Fuck, there is much to relate to.

The first track Bend Til You Break, conjures emotions of the ever speeding, fast paced and moving life, trying to make you way through, winning, most often loosing, but finding in yourself the hope to go on, even at a loss.

The title track “Well Fuck“, is a rather humorous and up beat song, mirth ensues within the lyrics, we have all been there, some of us moved in, built a spare bedroom and are still paying off the mortgage. Living in the shadow of a love you once had, and wish you still had, even if you see where the red flags were, like a bull you charge head on into it… This would make a great Video, and I hope it does.

Followed by “The Cold Hard Truth” is the blindness of the rose colored glasses, not seeing what was right in front. the tempo stays rhythmic and serene with the song “Heartstrings“, it is the moving on and get on with your life piece, the one day you wake up with a new resolve, not perfectly happy again, but willing to try.

The final track , no pun intended… we, yes, it is… The Long Beach Train.. Long Beach, My Home town, and I am immediately whisked away back home, the romantic rides to and from the city with the one I though was the one forever… NY has this effect, that makes romance magical, even on the bitterest of cold winter nights and the hottest summer days… and then walking the track-side alone, wishing you had never known “the other”, but in some way, still loving the past.

The Long Beach Train also holds some magic in the way it reminds me of the village piano bars, the “Chopin Like” style of playing in this song is perfect in every way.

This album is the truth of romance on a plate, next to a side of crow, with a shmear.

Get The Album Here – Listen, Stream and Buy.





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