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WEEKEND WONDERS: Weekly New Track Wrap-Up 05/12/2019

Our Weekend Wonders / Weekend Wrap Up is a selection of tracks that are something you should check out to liven up your upcoming week of new audio adventures.

This weekend, we will look at the following artists and their music that could very well be your new favorite flavors.

Hollow River

The Better Angels EP is the sophomore release of Hollow River who has move from Canada to Boston to pursue a songwriting degree at Berklee College of Music.

Hollow Rivers single Falsetto from his debut EP Spiderweb Eyes, this Canadian artist swings for the fences with the raw and emotional first outing that shows plenty of promise for what’s in store with a novel and irreverent take on this POV video. (881)

Michael P Cullen

A man in a suit, an old semi-acoustic guitar and a voice like sandpaper dipped in honey. Michael P Cullen tells stories of longing and regret in a unique and textured baritone with echoes of American mid-century pulp writers, 60s Vegas cabaret and Southern Gothic Americana.

He has often been compared to Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits and Nick Cave but his unique blend of Noir, New Wave, Stax and Northern Soul ultimately defies comparison.




Swiss born, independent vocalist and songwriter FAY (born Nour Alessandra Fahmy), has an innovative approach to Pop and R&B. She started singing and experimenting with music from a young age, quickly becoming clear that this is the path for her. Moving from Switzerland, to Amman in Jordan and finally to London has majorly affected the influence and style of music that she creates.

Having been releasing music through Soundcloud for the past few years, she has a repertoire of tracks that appeal to both the masses and niche audiences. However, it wasn’t until she graduated from university in 2017 that FAY released her first EP, “Purple”, collaborating with London based producers and artists with her music falling under what we would expect from the likes of Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez to alternative artists like Banks or Lorde – but does so in a way that sets her apart from the rest.







In 2015, DENM was no more than a bedroom producer playing in a band, touring North America, and producing some songs on the side in his spare time.  “My solo project basically started out as something to do when I was bored on tour” shares DENM. “We would all have our computers out, making our own music for fun on the road. I remember making this random dance song in the back row of a sprinter and thought it sounded pretty cool. I played it for a few friends and label people, and when they demanded to hear more, I took it to heart.”

That dance song ultimately became “Lit,” which Pop Crush called an “irresistible debut single” and a “garage house-y ode to hedonism and the rush of infatuation.” Within a month of its release, “Lit” racked up a million streams and landed in the Top 10 on both Spotify’s and Hype Machine’s Viral and New Hot Electronic Charts.


A six-piece band from Brooklyn, CIVILIANS blends together hard rock, jazz, electronic, and funk music in various and disturbing ways, incorporating full horn section blasts, heavy grooves, psychedelic effects, and multiple audience members experiencing acid flashbacks.

The band makes orchestrated left turns that puts the audience at the edge of their seat and heavy riffs and grooves that get them off (their seat). CIVILIANS will be releasing their underground EP “Look Cool!” soon and also has a musical called “ALL THE BUGS ARE HUGE!!!” available online 


Canadian singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer FTRSL [*pronounced FutureSoul] is a multi-talented wunderkind creating vocal and song-based indie electronica sporting soulful and pop nuances, strong melodies and undeniable hooks. It’s our soul music for a better tomorrow.

FTRSL – né Andrew Hunt – released his debut EP ‘Heartbreak’ worldwide at the end of 2016 on indie label, Bonfire Records. The acclaimed e.p. boldly announced the newcomer and showcases his distinct voice and inventive knack of creating a vast and varied soundscape. The 5-song “Heartbreak” e.p. finds Andrew teamed up with artists such as New York songbird Olivia Reid for the soaring and spirited “Wild Heart,” as well as Bears & Owls and PK for the funky grooves on “Gold” and the title track. The set also features the future bass inspired “Echoes” a self-procalimed ‘thick synth’ exploration of love and fan favorite, the yearning and wavy beat-ballad, “Drunk All Night.” Of recent note, the title track made Spotify’s ‘Best of 2016’ influential trainspotter year-end playlist ‘FreshFinds: Hiptronix.” 



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