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IndiePulse Interviews: LA COY

LaCoy, a Brooklyn based dream pop duo featuring Bridget Kludt (Vocals) and Jeremy Winter (Production). Formed in the winter of 2017, the collaboration came about through their mutual love of music nostalgia.

Originally from Virginia Beach, Jeremy Winter grew up playing music and never stopped.  After moving to New York, he began developing his production skills working on both his own music as well as collaborative projects with other musicians. He met Bridget Kludt while working at a New York City museum and quickly bonded over their love of New Order, the Cure, and Chromatics.

Bridget Kludt is from Washington DC by way of California and officially discovered indie music when her older sister brought home the Garden State soundtrack. The Shins were a gateway drug that led her to get involved with the music scene. She wanted be in a band, but the only thing holding her back was that she didn’t play any instruments.

On a blurry New Year’s Eve, Bridget asked Jeremy if they had band, what would it be called.  Jeremy didn’t have an answer, but eventually they decided to give it shot and write a song together. Immediately it was apparent that they had a creative chemistry and they continued to develop their sound.  “Tambourine Queen” and “Dream Woman” are their debut release that they recorded and mixed in Jeremy’s bedroom.


A short while ago, IndiePulse Music Magazine released and article about their double debut release  of “Tambourine Queen” and “Dream Woman”, The two tracks are twins with a common thread and definitely remark the band’s passion for 80s synths, 90s guitars and 00s nostalgia. When the duo started this new electronic project, it was with the intention of bringing back some of the magic innocence that characterized music in the past decades. They spread a dreamy-alt-rock-synth energy.  This was indeed a true success and the tracks have a mesmerizing quality.

We had an opportunity to talk with the artists to learn more about their vision of music and audio soundscapes. 

IPM: What inspires you to write music the way you do?

Jeremy: I was always intimidated to record my own music, but after a certain point I realized that I couldn’t really expect anyone to record me.  Plus my taste had shifted towards more electronic production so I decided to start figuring out how to record myself. In particular what really inspired me to go DIY was trap music and Chromatics.  It’s been a long road but I’m really happy with the progress I’ve made.  Bridget and I share a common love of New Order and 80s and 90s music in general, so we decided to try working together. She picked up immediately on my writing process while also pushing me into new directions, so it was a natural fit.

Bridget: Yeah it was definitely a natural fit! I’ve actually never written music before this, so Jeremy’s home studio set up really gave us the flexibility to experiment with our sound. For the most part our writing process starts with Jeremy creating a beat, then layering a synth melody over it, and then writing vocal melodies and lyrics on top of that. With Dream Woman and Tambourine Queen, we were writing and recording at the same time for the most part.

IPM: What are or were some of the challenges you have faced producing or performing while keeping true to your vision of your music?

Jeremy: Producing in your own apartment always provides unique challenges, but it’s worth it to have have complete creative control. So it’s not really a challenge to our vision.  The challenge I was most worried about was taking these songs we had written in the studio and performing them live. We haven’t had our first show yet, but we’re currently practicing and so far I think it sounds great.

Bridget: For sure, the challenge has been releasing the songs before rehearsing them live. But honestly they’re sounding awesome live. For me, rehearsing live is giving them new life after hearing them a million times during recording and mixing. And it also feels freeing to be like, this doesn’t have to be exactly the same as the recording.

IPM: Tell us about some of your recent feedback on your release.

Jeremy: It’s been really positive! I’ve worked on a lot of projects over the years, but once I showed my friends what Bridget and I were doing they were all kind of like “woah, this could be something!”  Though we did get rejected from one blog that said it sounded like we had “too many influences” which I can’t possibly see being a bad thing.

Bridget: Yeah generally positive but rejection of any kind always stings, especially when it’s material that you’re excited about. We joke about the “too many influences” thing all the time though at this point, especially when we’re writing now. Our goal has been to just keep writing and releasing what we want, and see what sticks.

IPM: Tell us about any upcoming release news?

Jeremy: Nothing scheduled yet, but we are constantly working on new material so we will be releasing something new within the next few months.

Bridget: I feel like we’re never not writing, so there’s stuff in the works.

IPM: Any “strange tales” or things that may have happened during a show that seemed too weird to be true?

Jeremy:  I mean, this whole thing is too weird to be true. I’m pretty happy about it though.

Bridget: I’ve just never been in a band before or a singer, so that’s generally weird for me. Especially showing our music to people I’m close with, because it feels like this whole new identity which also feels very vulnerable.

IPM: Where do you see your music going, where would you like to be in the near future, goals, dreams and passions?

Jeremy: I’d really like to remain as independent as possible. We can write, record, and produce our own music so I don’t see any need to have anyone come in and mess with our process.  With that being said, we definitely want to get our music out there because we really believe that it will resonate with the right people. These two songs are just the beginning though and we’re really excited with the direction our new songs are taking.

Bridget: Agreed. And I’d just like to keep improving, and writing better and better songs.

IPM: What would you like our readers to know about you?

Bridget: That Jeremy’s read the book Eat Pray Love and he liked it.

Jeremy: I read the book but I never said I liked it.

IPM: Where can our readers find your music?

Jeremy: You can find our music on all major streaming services. Be sure to follow us on Instagram for updates.







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