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“It’s Natural” (single) by Little Galaxies

URL: https://littlegalaxiesband.com/

In their latest single “It’s Natural,” Little Galaxies envelop us in sonic surrealism and show off the tremendous amount of growth they’ve experienced as a unit without overstating their swaggering dominance in the recording studio. Constructed out of a black and white beat and colorized by a fleeting guitar’s groove, “It’s Natural” is both boisterously brooding and remarkably unfussy, and though it’s an exercise in anti-minimalist melodicism to some extent, it’s anything but limited when it comes to dispensing some of the most heavenly harmonies you’ll hear this month. The bottom line? Little Galaxies are coming into their own and making music that definitely deserves your attention right now.

The vocal track is carefully arranged between the lush waves of melodicism, but it’s never trampled by the stampeding string rhythm and its accompanying drumbeats, which are saturated in as much dynamic resonance as the guitars are. The percussion is off the charts crisp in this single, and at the right volume, has the potential to shake the floorboards beneath both you and your stereo. You could describe “It’s Natural” as overindulgent in all the right ways and I would be forced to agree with you; it’s literally excess at its most evocative and true.

This bassline is monstrous and abrasive from the get-go, but it doesn’t quite impede the fluidity in the guitars. There’s a progressive nuance underscoring the riffs here, and if it weren’t for the enigmatic lyricism, “It’s Natural” might have come off as a lot more conceptual and experimental than it actually is. Don’t get me wrong – this is definitely their most elaborately avant-garde influenced material to date, but I don’t think I would deem it inaccessible to casual pop fans. Little Galaxies are juggling the interests of both the mainstream and the underground here, and making it look surprisingly easy.

“It’s Natural” benefits from a really slick production value that allows for us to hear every facet of the music very clearly, with nothing getting lost in the atmospheric grooving that frames every lyric we hear. There are a lot of breathtaking details to behold in this song, and were it not produced with such a keen attention to even the subtlest of its intricacies, I fear that we would have been wholly robbed of a legitimately anthological listening experience here. If you thought that they couldn’t outdo their rookie release, Little Galaxies are about to blow your mind this May with this brilliant new offering.

Fans of sophisticated indie rock with an urbane edge should give the latest studio cut from the one and only Little Galaxies a listen whenever they’re in the market for new music next, if for no other reason than to hear what all of this buzz has been about. For as much hype as this single has received, it raises the bar all the higher for the band behind its conception, and I have a feeling that it won’t be the last hit that we see from this group. This is mature, melodic alternative rock for the discriminating music enthusiast, period.

I-TUNES: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/its-natural-single/1460053212

Mindy McCall



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