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“Endless” the new single from Still G & Slapy

There’s been an abundant supply of good hip-hop seeing release in 2019, and there’s no doubt that “Endless,” the new single from Still G & Slapy, is among the very best that I’ve personally heard. Hailing from Italy, Still G & Slapy flirt with elements of melodic hip-hop, alternative R&B, urban pop and light funk in their music, and though always experimental, their sound is a lot more accessible than that of their closest rivals on the European hip-hop circuit. “Endless” is a beefy single for sure, but it also sounds and feels like a declaration of war against the mundane style of the commercial rap that has unfortunately become prominent in the Americas.

You don’t have to speak Italian to understand and interpret the emotion in these words, and I would even say that the music takes on such an evocative tone that translating the lyrics isn’t necessary. Still G & Slapy rap with their hearts on their sleeve, and there’s never a second of unutilized space in this composition. Every dynamic beat is saturated in an elastic bass texture, while the vocal is sparkling and tender, occupying the eye of the storm and holding everything together in a rebellion against the underlying chaos.

The music is melodic, fearlessly chic and unrepentantly physical from the jump in “Endless,” and that’s partly why I think that it’s going to be particularly successful among the club crowds this summer. This track has the pulsating percussion that is required when trying to light the fuse on a dull dancefloor, but at the same time, it’s so much more than just another club song with a hot hip-hop verse attached to it. There’s real emotion in this single, and it isn’t tethered to some sort of mainstream plasticity that, ultimately, has brought some of the smartest young rappers of the last decade to their demise in recent years.



This production quality is excellent and unquestionably meticulous in construction, but it isn’t overly polished or artificial in tone. It’s hard to make a synthesizer’s melodies sound and feel organic, but Still G & Slapy make it look all too easy in “Endless.” They harmonize with the backing track much in the same way that an opera singer would with the pit orchestra leading the rhythm of a beautiful ballad. If this isn’t one of the most engaging hip-hop tunes of the entire year to date, then frankly, I really don’t know what is.

Still G & Slapy are rocking some of the sweetest flows in the game with their latest single, and if the American underground doesn’t welcome their swagger with open arms, saying that it would come as a great surprise to me would be the understatement of the season. From the intro to the decadent center stanza and the climactic hook in the chorus, there’s one brooding wall of sound after another to be grappled with in this track, and whether you’re a hardcore audiophile or merely a casual fan of experimental hip-hop, you’re going to regret not checking out this song before the summer is over.

Mindy McCall

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