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IndiePulse Reviews: Lost & Found by Odds Lane

The brilliant musical duo known as Odds Lane is the musical union of the songwriters Doug Byrkit and longtime friend / musical partner Brian Zielie.  Odds Lane was formed in 2003 and they began recording and playing live to a steadily growing fan base.

As part of an effort to promote emerging artists, they were invited to record at legendary Sun Studios, after which they released the first of several projects as independent songwriters in 2004.

In 2012 their release Dark Matters garnered Byrkit an ASCAP Plus Songwriting Award.


Odds Lane has now released a new and formidable musical creation titled Lost & Found. This new album, recorded for the Gulf Coast Records label was inspired by the re-mastered release of Mike Zito’s Blue Room. They have come full circle with a collection of songs that are influenced by their South St. Louis blues rock/funk roots.

Lost & Found was recorded at MARZ Studio in Netherland, TX and mixed by Grammy Award-winning producer David Z (Prince, Etta James, Buddy Guy).

The music of Odds Lane has been compared to that of Steely Dan and the great contemporaries of our time, yet Lost & Found stands as a true original masterpiece of creativity on the parts of the duo Odds Lane, rooted in Jazzy / Blues infused foundation, the album shines and draws you into a full and harmonious world created by Doug and Brian.

Lost & Found will resonate with you and your life.

Covering and discussing the tracks, in order of personal appreciation, I would start with “I Ain’t Missing You”, definitely Blues that tell a mixed story of love and loss, the singers words say one thing, but the emotion says something different, a man trying to convince himself that everything is going to be OK. There seems to be an air of self deception, denial of the real feelings going on.

The title track, “Lost & Found” has a big and bouncy, Pop / Rock sound, and makes you want to move, tap your toe and just feel the groove.  I really like the song “Moth To A Flame”, it has a rebellious and ruckus causing feel, it also has a frisky irreverence to the rhythm that is really playful. “Seven States” sounds to me like a road song, maybe a band on the road touring gigs, maybe a trucker working the long haul, maybe a man on his way home or out to find his future, again, just a great fun track.

Spare Change” has a strange air of delight, listening to all the bad luck that happens to the character narrating the story, he just wants to find that one big break to make things right.  The song “A Little Too Late” is a great departure from the other songs as it has a completely different feel in time and tempo, showing the group’s musical diversity. “Blood On The Van” has an ominous tone, and a sad desperation to it, the story sounds of situations revealing themselves as a man comes to realize the wrong he has done.

Back to the classic Blues Rock sound, the song “Don’t Give It Away” Comes in as a hard hitting with a down and dirty riff filled beat. Another playful track is “What’s Your Name” which sounds kind of like a prelude to pick up line, but has a sincerity to it as well, you be the judge.

The album is fully rounded out with “White Castle Blues”, which I find funny, in my youth, myself a drummer from New York, after long late gig or the many late night concerts and parties, I and my friends found ourselves at a notorious restaurant famous for it’s 24 hour inexpensive and truly alcohol absorbing fair, where else can you kill an oncoming hangover for less than $4.00, only at the white walled bastion of the partied out people. This is a really, really fun track, and it brought back many great memories of a glorious and misshapen youth.

Odds Lane definitely scores a win with Lost & Found.

You can pre-Order the New album Lost & Found by Odds Lane at their website Store

Lost & Found Official Release is June 7th, 2019 on Gulf Coast Records

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