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Matthew John’s inspirational song “You Are There”

Proof that a song’s release date doesn’t have an expiration – singer/ songwriter Matthew John’s inspirational song “You Are There” may have been released in 2018, but it’s message and positive energy is timeless. John, who calls Philadelphia, Pennsylvania home, is working his way through the masses to get his unique perspective and talents some spotlight. He extends the shelf life of his just over three minute song with a heartfelt, timeless message.

John’s vocals are a bit timid. He’s got a clear voice and all lyrics are audible, but the strength of “You Are There” comes from the heart of the lyrics. His passion is undeniable. The message pierces the listener’s soul. It’s easy to connect to lyrics like “it’s never an easy road. Doors will go shut….you are there, just where you’re meant to be.” This is an interesting take and the phrase ‘you are there’ at first listen doesn’t quite make a bold impact. Then, all of sudden – eureka! It does. These words have to be shared; these lyrics are just as important whether someone with the voice of Adele or Celine Dion – is singing them. People need to hear these words at the beginning, middle and end of the day. John seems to encapsulate so much with such a blanketed statement. One reason this song might as be enjoyable as it is – John doesn’t hide any deeper meaning behind his lyrics. He’s straightforward and brutally honest. It’s refreshing. Beneath John’s voice is a stirring music bed flavored with pop-country or even light rock rhythms and arrangements. The music bed is light and airy – it’s still got some cool riffs and interesting sonic values. The song isn’t heavy on percussion. John may not pull the listener in with his voice, but he captures the human spirit in this song.



In a time with so many people struggling to find their way – find their own voice, it’s encouraging to see an artist like John take a chance and put to music what his heart so willfully wants. His vocals are a work-in-progress; he doesn’t have the range to quite match up with some seasoned veterans. One can’t bash him for trying and for putting his art out for the world to hear. In his official biography, John cites his grandfather as an impetus for pursuing his musical dreams – it’s a heartwarming tale. Just as “You Are There” strives to be a beacon for all those that hear it, the song is also (presuming) just one of the early chapters in Johns’ dedicated and extensive song library. It’s a neat reveal to his listeners that he’s so open about his family experiences and motivations. His grandfather’s wishes seem to be fulfilled in John’s musical pursuits. John’s seems to have found a niche in writing lyrics that touch the heart. It will be interesting to follow his journey and see what path he takes with future songs and tunes.

Overall, “You Are There” is a lovely song and Matthew John has worlds of potential.

Mindy McCall



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