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Makes My Blood Dance drops new Single

Rock has been taking some interesting turns in the late 2010s, with hybridity being the common counterbalance between the majestic and the mundane, but I don’t know that I’ve heard anyone manipulate heavy metal melodies into the nightclub-quaking rhythm that Makes My Blood Dance does in their first single, and music video, “Beaming Right Up.” They take the grooves of a 70s disco outfit and inject them with a vicious overdrive that doesn’t back down for anything, and subsequently produce a track that doesn’t require any expertise in scene politics to become thoroughly addicted to its headbanging harmonies.

There’s not nearly as much bass here as I was expecting there to be, as has been the popular feature of the majority of alternative metal songs that I’ve listened to this month, and it really does make the vocal all the more anthemic in “Beaming Right Up.” The singer isn’t bombarded with low-end tonality as he tries to navigate the deep sonic channels being dispensed by the guitars, and that allows for the lyrics to get the resonating finish that they deserve in this track. It’s still incredibly physical, but it isn’t so muscular that we’re unable to appreciate the rich melodies in the song.

I dig the simplicity of the music video for “Beaming Right Up” for multiple reasons, chief among them all being that it keeps the focus on something that has seemed to fall to the wayside for other rock groups lately – the substance of the music itself. We’re not watching some mini-movie in this video, but instead witnessing the band bring the energy of the song to life before our very eyes; they didn’t need to add anything additional to this mashup, because honestly, all of the right elements aren’t just present – they’re bright, shiny and polished as much as anything in modern pop is.

The punkish stylization of the video, as well as the rhythm of the music, is something that I really want to see Makes My Blood Dance explore a little more in future releases. They’re an excellent metal group, but their alternative ethos is probably what attracted me to their vibrant swagger more than anything else did. God knows that punk rock could sure use a hero right now, and though I’m not asserting that it has to be these guys, I don’t know that they should be ruling the pursuit of such a coveted role out as they formulate a game plan for the next decade in their career together.

Makes My Blood Dance have got my attention, as well as that of the American indie press as a whole at the moment, and with the right shaping to assist their journey, it can be said that they’ve got the right pieces in place to become a really effective band in an era that has seen a lot of hits and misses in both the commercial and underground realms of pop. “Beaming Right Up” is a formidable debut video, and though it defies the status quo with its barebones concept and unforgettably lethal riffing, it’s probably going to be one of the more listenable metal videos that you’re going to see this summer.

Mindy McCall



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