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Life Work releases electrifying Single

“Life just getting faster / More and more each day / It can be so hard sometimes / To simply break away” With this powerful statement, Life-Work commands the attention of everyone within earshot of their incredible new single, “Dolce Far Niente (Pete Hammond Remix),” and imparts unto us what could be described as the signature line in the song. With everyday life moving a million miles a minute, it often becomes difficult for us to get away from the mundane and find a little bit of the magic that life is really supposed to be about, but that’s where “Dolce Far Niente (Pete Hammond Remix)” comes in. Life-Work play true to their handle in this latest release, which I would deem a single that most anyone who has been craving those summer rays will definitely be able to relate to.

I love the streamlined production style that Life-Work employ here. There’s virtually zero rigidity to this arrangement, and while the percussive blasts are well-defined and complement the full-scope of color that the synthesizers are giving out free sample-style, there’s never an instance where we feel bombarded by the beats or suffocated by the synthesized harmonies flowing everywhere we look. Life-Work have never had an issue with making their music smooth and seductive, but they’re definitely showing off a degree of growth in “Dolce Far Niente (Pete Hammond Remix)” that I found to be one of the most noteworthy elements to behold in the track. If you’ve been following them since the beginning, you’re likely going to notice what I did – this act is getting a lot tighter in their execution, to say the very least.



There’s an urgency to the tempo in this single, but nothing on the instrumental side of the track feels rushed or thrown together at all. If anything, the agile stylization of the beats makes it easier for us to cling to the classy crooning occupying center stage. There’s somewhat of a gap between the pacing of the two components, but I get the idea that this was completely intentional on the part of Life-Work; through this reggae-influenced construction, “Dolce Far Niente (Pete Hammond Remix)” doesn’t just yield maximum tension as we approach the chorus – it straight up basks in it through the duration of the central hook. This is engaged pop music on overdrive, and it’s coming from a tried and true source of toned indie treasures.

Superbly danceable and devastatingly addictive – “Dolce Far Niente (Pete Hammond Remix)” is Life-Work’s very best material so far, and it doesn’t take much more than a single listen to understand why it’s been picking up the amount of attention and hype that it has been this June. While so many American pop units have no problem reveling in the macabre and chaotic disposition of politics and greed, Life-Work are getting back to basics and making a pop song that is all about feeling good and taking it easy. There’s no overthinking the music that we hear in “Dolce Far Niente (Pete Hammond Remix);” this is just good, honest melodicism at its most refined and uncorrupted. I was already intrigued by this act, but you had better believe I’m going to be staying tuned now.

Mindy McCall



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