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Juewett Bostick is an amazingly talented musician via new Single

Juewett Bostick is an amazingly talented musician with a new single “Sound & Rhythm-Prelude” from the epic jazz infused album – Shades Of Blu, with everything from soul and blues to hard rock inflections. The amount of organic musical flow comes in bucket loads where everyone involved is concerned, it’s a free for all on the senses on every- last note of what’s to be heard. And even though one song can do the business, you’ll want to hear more after checking out the soothing “Sound & Rhythm-Prelude” number with its enormously satisfying groove. This is a band of musicians that cover the last five decades with pure respect.


The track has everything that bands like Tower Of Power and even some pure funk and soul bands of the 70s and 80s were good for. But as far as influences go, Bostick seems to span a wide variety of them within his music and integral covers. Some of them are The Jazz Messengers, Jimmy Smith, Horace Silver, Lee Morgan, Grant Green, Bobby Timmons, Art Blakely and Stanley Turrentine, but also more rock oriented like Jimi Hendrix. These are all clearly felt but “Sound & Rhythm-Prelude” is much more rooted more in old school funk.

The song almost breaks all the rules because the vocals sing about the music itself to get across what it’s all about, which is very clever, quirky and just plain funky, but not in any pedestrian way. Bostick is quite the contrary, being of the well written, arranged and produced qualities a lot of current artists could learn from. Just picture being on the dance floor back in 1980 without losing a beat and you can imagine this song fitting anywhere into the night. But it’s not to take any current edge away from it either, it’s just that it’s as good as anything back then as well as now.

It’s amazing how the vocals compliment the backing track by simply telling the story of how the sounds all come together, almost more than singing. And the horn soloing around her voice taking the song out is absolutely-mesmerizing. Lyrics like “it’s passion, not possession,” really take the song everywhere it can possibly go. But it’s an even balance from all by the time it’s over and you want to put it on loop, no question about it. Bostwick’s guitar playing, although somewhat understated in this song, is also second to none.


Put it down to undeniably awesome when you string it together, because that’s what I discovered about Juewett Bostick through “Sound & Rhythm-Prelude” which led me to look more into him without hesitation. It has the hypnotic power to turn you onto more of the same in order to draw you in, and that’s what a single is really supposed to do. So, it succeeds on all levels by way of selection and subsequent guidance. It’s all better than the average slice of today’s music, as long-as you like a taste of the several flavors cooked up to make a sound like you just don’t hear enough of anymore. It’s mature and classic, yet vibrant and modernly relevant material.

Mindy McCall

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