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Book Review: Sing Louder: The Stories Behind The Songs by Meghan Cary

An exceptional work of a life in music.

From soulful songs of love and loss to empowering anthems of courage and heroism, Meghan Cary is renowned for her innate ability to connect with others through authentic storytelling. Now, after the release of her latest album hitting the top of the charts, she has taken her passion for prose one step further with the release of her debut book Sing Louder: The Stories Behind The Songs.

Sing Louder: The Stories Behind The Songs, which was officially released last March on International Women’s Day has been lauded as a brilliant first release of intimate stories, prose and literary work. We at IndiePulse often receive books from artists, some are biographies taking note of accomplishments, some with stories from the road and of “Rock & Roll” legend, more are tribute to the artist’s virility or youthful transgressions…. But this book by Meghan Cary is so much more, said in a way that is truly her own and in her own voice.

The companion to her critically-acclaimed album Sing Louder, this mesmerizing collection of essays provides fans with a deeply introspective look into the inspiration behind her most profound album to date. Featuring 10 first-person stories, each dedicated to a different song, the book begins with an eloquent forward from the author before delving into the raw, compassionate and sometimes downright hilarious side of one of Philadelphia’s favorite female folk rock artists.

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“I’ve been telling my story from the stage for years – in song and in words. But I really enjoyed digging even deeper into the stories behind the songs on “Sing Louder” to write this book”, said Cary. “So much good can come from sharing our stories. When we hear and relate to someone else’s story, we’re inspired to share our own, and maybe even write a different ending”.

Sing Louder: The Stories Behind The Songs is a collection of her life, songs and intimate thoughts, addressing her life, her work, love and loss, as well as being a parent. With the bulk of her references based in her personal experiences, she does her best, and with great success, to not make the book “about her”, but more about the person she became, who she was meant to be, mentioning her influences, friends, children and the people that impacted her life. Her reasons for doing what she does and why it is so important, the muse of the universe touched her and Meghan answered without reservation.

In Sing Louder: The Stories Behind The Songs, Meghan discusses with the reader the larger impacting aspects of her existence, the road marks and landmarks that altered her course of action, the reasoning for the life changes, taken out of context to her music, one may not make the connection. But after looking through the book, reading the lyrics of the songs enclosed, the poetry of the music, for they are the keys to understanding her life, both lived and still living, one will understand.

My only issue with this book is, well, it was too short… her humble nature, I believe, gave her reason to not dwell on the vague aspects or drudgeries, but to the facts, the most important occurrences, and like her music, it was sweet and memorable, and it leaves you wanting more. I would hope Meghan comes out with another book, titled “The Song Continues” for this book was music for the eyes, and a symphony for the mind.

Sing Louder: The Stories Behind The Songs is 35 pages and includes original photography from Meghan, as well as art work and imagery that has inspired her songwriting process. It was edited by Linda Waverka and is being self-published by Meghan and Peter Farrell, her husband and musical partner.

Meghan Cary: The Stories Behind The Songs will be available at live performances, and online at



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