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Analog release :Tame “ single

One of the best takeaways from the music video “Tame” is the idea that at one point, aren’t we all at our breaking point? Aren’t we all driven to madness, even if only for one minute, and it changes our lives forever? The song from Miami rockers, Analog, is equally electrifying in its unhinged burst of all-out percussion, sketchy guitar riffs and embolden bass guitar rhythms. “Tame” is a juggernaut of sound and its accompanying video is a testament to humanity’s passionate meltdowns.

Analog is Albea Camino, Manu Gonzalez, Tekilla23 and Esteban Gomez – their arsenal stocked to the brim with thrill factors and high octane vocals. “Tame” is the from the indie group’s album, Portable People! Citing bands like Nirvana, Radiohead, R.E.M. and more, the overall core sound to Analog is ripe with rhythm and textured alternative rock guitar riffs, echoes and frequencies. It’s amplified by the vocals – the voice is filtered through a megaphone-like sound. The cool thing is that it doesn’t sound too produced.

The video can be a bit disturbing. A female walks into to find her lover cheating on her with another woman; losing her mind, she murders the other female and duct-tapes her boyfriend, throws him in the back of a van, only to make him watch her burn the female’s body. By the song’s end, it’s just a dream. Andres Monsalve directed and edited the video and the masterpiece relies on the depths of the night sky – the happenings in the wee of morning. Monslave captures the soul of “Tame” in that it’s the vibe a dark, underbelly of humanity. That relenting bass rhyme is like a heartbeat- beating faster and faster and the song and video continues.


Jarring as the song “Tame” can be at times – the guitar work can be a bit distracting – the pulsating moments collectively create a damn fine piece of music. What’s missing is the spice, the flavorings of the Miami heat – but Analog delves into a newer rock territory that leaves nauseous melodies behind and relies solely on driving, forceful rhythms. As a listener, it’s hard to not soak this all in and feel the energy coming off the drums and bass and absorb them into your body. This isn’t the confidence rock of yesteryear – it’s the reality of life in the year 2019. It has its very dark moments, and times of stress, anger, passion, lust, disgust and of course, love. Analog stomps on the light a bit in “Tame” and one doesn’t feel happy while listening, but it’s still an emotional journey courtesy of this rock outfit. The band laces the song “Tame” with strings of electronica and audio chaos.

“Tame” is a frightfully good song – and the video is just as captivating. Supposing the slightest amount of energy from “Tame” can be found any of the forthcoming tracks from Portable People! then listeners are in for one hell of a ride from Analog. “Tame” is a top rate song with all the makings of a sure fire addition to any musical library or Spotify playlist.

Mindy McCall



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