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Karen Atkins releases “Lovertown” (PREMIERE)

Prepare to be pleasantly surprised and ready to groove to an infectious bassline in the funky track “Lovertown,” a  single from singer-songwriter, Karen Atkins. Besides the slap-bass approach, Atkins infuses a natural brightness and solid music bed to getting the listener an instant connection in her just under four-minute track. “Lovertown” is a fun place to visit and certainly gets kudos for adding a little sunshine in the listener’s world.

Atkins, who was born in New York, and is now based in San Francisco, California, strides easily into the listener’s heart with a warm, yet, power-pop approach in “Lovertown.” While she doesn’t possess the edgier or harsher approach of a K.T. Tunstall or quirkiness of a singer like Alanis Morrisette, Atkins is distinctly her own champion and could fit nicely with fans of Michelle Branch (and of course The Wreckers), Sara Bareilles, Natalie Gelman or Natalie Imbruglia. The backing bassline (have you figured out how much I adored this bass in the song yet) and solid percussion and guitar riffs make “Lovertown” a contender for a rock-folk-like track.

Lyrically, “Lovertown” channels lyrics that showcase Atkins’ positivity – besides music, the John Lennon Songwriting Award winner is a vitality lifestyle expert. Additionally, In 2012 her music video “You’re My Home” was awarded Most Positive Video in the Posi Music Awards and her album In My Room (2017) made Aquarian Weekly’s 10 Best Pop Albums of the Year alongside Sam Smith and Van Morrison. She breathes a natural beauty in her voice and upbeat lyrics like “shine your love and I’ll meet you there….when your wheels are spinning ‘round….head to Lovertown.” Something about listening to Atkins goes beyond a guru and warms the heart – she’s a friend lifting you up and again, that instant rapport with the listener supplements a daily dose of sun. As she states in her biography – music is healing. It’s just that simple – “Lovertown” makes the listener feel joy and one can’t help but smile and dance. Just as sales training seminars might suggest standing while talking on the phone to invoke confidence or spending two minutes a day with both arms in the air (a-la-Rocky pose), “Lovertown” inspires and naturally lifts the soul.

“Lovertown” really is a memorable tune and Atkins taps into earworm territory with the underlying vocals and ‘livin’ it up’ repeat. Her songwriting instincts are spot on – she’s got the talent and awards to really back things up. What I liked most, besides that bassline, is that she’s just smooth. The song just feels right. While other songs feel pandering about positivity and almost too ‘new-agey’, Atkins comes across very natural and oh-so-likeable. She just is.

Overall, “Lovertown” earns high marks and is that perfect summer tune – sunny day or stormy night. The mind wanders and drifts into Karen Atkins’ creation and it’s a splendid jaunt walking around her upbeat world. It’s like you have an immediate friend with this song – it’s that strong of a connection. Music fans hoping for a grittier tune with seedier innuendos will be disappointed – “Lovertown” is pure folksy pop with lots of love.

Mindy McCall



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