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Ked Rocker drops new Single

“Legendary” by south FLA’s Ked Rocker (aka Kedrick Melford), is a single with a lot of soul to mark its hip hop and rap roots with clearly contemporary lyrics that center around having a lot to do while in the trap house. He sings about driving his own cars and writing his own hits, and it’s not a case of whether or-not it’s in your taste wagon, as it appeals beyond the hardcore scene even though some lyrics are of the usual explicit nature. It all fits right into the zone where such music belongs, and that’s putting it mildly.

Inspired by the will to become legendary, this track doesn’t hold back any of the secrets to getting there, according to Ked Rocker. The lyrics all add up to beating the competition with grace, but not leaving any details out about how to roll. It’s cool how he projects the image without tarnishing it and that’s what legends do. And the obstacles he sings about getting in the way are a matter of turning negatives into positives. There’s only one true way to rap, and that is to rhyme, and Ked Rocker comes with bucketloads of cunningly witty rhymes with one hand tied behind his back.

The potential to excel is all his, judging from this one song alone, so it’s worth keeping an eye out for his next drop while it grows. A follow up release is inevitable, and after a few singles or an EP, the opportunity for a full-length album could be in his future. Most hip hop artists keep the singles releasing and some never get into albums, but that’s not true for all artists in the genre. It’s just hard to measure out the future by only one song, but if I had to, I’d see this as a long player and that’s what tells if it has wings to fly beyond categories. Soulful music is widely versatile and helps wrap the right amount appeal around “Legendary.”

It doesn’t matter if he’s wrong or write about the words, it matters if they rhyme and have the same semblance as the music and that’s one of the secrets to the formula. This isn’t only rapping Ked Rocker has a fine singing voice to go with his lyrics and attitude which reach beyond that of mainstream hip hop. If the art is good, the artists is always good for more where it came from, so it delivers on that premise alone. Either way you slice the song and the artist, it’s a winning ticket in both departments where many seem to fail by trying to put the words before the grooves.

In closing, it’s produced very well and there’s no complaints to be had, but that is just the icing on the cake after hearing this track enough times to get the message and enjoy the music. It only takes one listen to dig everything about it, but the words go the distance so it’s a repeat play for anyone looking for hip hop, soul, funk and R&B.

Mindy McCall

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