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THE INNERCOURSE is a five-member band that delivers a fusion of hip-hop, spoken word poetry, and R&B/soul.Click to zoom

THE INNERCOURSE Deliver Meaningful Contemporary Urban Album “GATHERING OF THE SEEKERS”


Hailing from Los Angeles, California, THE INNERCOURSE is a five-member band that delivers a fusion of hip-hop, spoken word poetry, and R&B/soul. The members met each other in the L.A. spoken word open mic scene. Their energies connected them and their music shows the chemistry. THE INNERCOURSE pushes a message of awareness, love, and self-evolution thru music. Moreover, they focus on bringing a balance in urban contemporary music. In the current society, music such as R&B has lost its value with the wrong messages being put out. Hip-hop/rap music has been constantly been pushing a message of violence, sexism, and materialism. THE INNERCOURSE focuses on a different message, one that takes the listener into a deeper level. The group focuses on filling that void in contemporary urban music that has been missing: honesty, integrity, and beneath the surface thinking.

About The Album
THE INNERCOURSE is set to release an album that will make heads turn. “GATHERING OF THE SEEKERS” is the newest piece of art by THE INNERCOURSE. Undoubtedly, the album will take the listener in a complete journey. Backing up the incredible lyrics and vocals is the driving productions that will resonate with the listeners.

The Singles
The album starts with a short interlude, “Inner Views”, where each member poetically describes in their own way what the Innercourse is. It proceeds with “Gathering of the Seekers” where it invites the listener from all paths of life to unite and join the ride. The album continues with “Search Party” which is a single about searching for ourselves in the socioeconomic standpoint, and not searching the truth within ourselves. “Fasting From Distractions” talks about how we are surrounded by distractions on so many levels. Through phones, computers, TV shows, sports, gossip, video games, fashion trends, fast food, bias news, etc. which leads to stagnating our physical, mental, and spiritual growth. The album continues with “The Sights and Sounds Of Love” which is a feel good song filled with descriptions of classic family functions and get-togethers. Following is “Judge Mental”, a song addressing how we invest too much emotional energy in trying to control other people’s life path. Next is the single “You Change The Atmosphere”, which talks about how your loved one has the ability to change the atmosphere with the love they emit. “Twin Flames Flickering” is a single about a metaphysical, meta-sexual, tantric experience of soul mates expressing and sharing their energies together. “Falling Star” is a story of generational genocide and the repeated systematic fall of young black men in America’s inner cities. “Pharmacy in the Forest” discusses how the plant kingdom is man’s original pharmacy. Moreover, how we need to return to the natural, organic remedies, and cures of our ancient ancestors. Following, the single “The Wheel of Karma” is a reminder of how we should always take heed to the undeniable universal law of cause and effect (karma). “IC Navigation” explores the path that the group is partaking. The final single, “Way of the Sacred Ibis” discusses how we are learning how to fly to higher forms of existence and higher ways of thinking. Moreover, overcoming obstacles, defeating our doubts, and soaring to our own success inside of ourselves where all answers are found.

Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/user-873760136
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/innercoursetime
Twitter https://twitter.com/theinnercourse
Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1ECC1IWQkla3nVQDluWauA
Bandcamp https://theinnercourse1.bandcamp.com/

The Innercourse – “Gathering of the Seekers”



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