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My Luv Notes “Snake Charmer”

In her latest lyrical gem, the pointed “Snake Charmer,” the pop singer known only as My Luv Notes talks about taking control back from those who would seek to do us the most harm, and in her poetic statements, the well-regarded indie sensation reminds us of the special inner strength that exists within each and every one of us. If you came looking for the stereotypical sounds of an urban pop jam in this single, you’re in for some serious disappointment, as “Snake Charmer” may well be one of the more original songs of its style to make headlines in 2019.

The lyrics here are legitimately empowering, but the music that acts as a canvas on which this singer will paint her picture is just as inspirational as any of the actual verses are. The beats resemble a war drum in some of the track’s most critical moments, the synthesizers create a haunting sense of humanity, and even when the vocal is shining its brightest in the chorus, the bassline is still a force to be reckoned with, binding all of the varied components in the song together like nothing else could have. My Luv Notes’ singing is always the main focus, but the instrumentation is unquestionably just as essential to this single’s recipe for success.

Most of the melodic hip-hop and R&B to be released in the last decade has come to us boasting some monstrous bass tones, and in this sense, “Snake Charmer” is no different than its contemporaries. This bassline is bumpin’ right out of the gate, and through its stellar, high definition clarity in the master mix, we’re able to appreciate the full scope of its intensity without having to filter out any unwanted noise. If the beats don’t get you moving here, the depth of the low-end in this song most definitely will.

My Luv Notes was wise to arrange this track as meticulously as she did in the studio, mostly because of the unabashed grandiosity of its core content. There’s a lot for us to take in here, a lot of sonic detail to be absorbed, and were it not as carefully designed as it was, I don’t think that it would have been nearly as engaging as it is now – in fact, it probably would have been downright overpowering. “Snake Charmer” is a symphony of urban tonality, and it takes an artist of My Luv Notes’ caliber to properly deliver it to audiences who are hungry for something new.

I only recently got into this talented singer’s music, but I am thoroughly hooked on her sound after hearing this most recent batch of recordings (see the album Day Late for more). My Luv Notes has reached a watershed moment in her career, and though she’s a bit of a diamond in the rough at the moment, it’s difficult for me to imagine her music remaining under the mainstream radar for very much longer. “Snake Charmer” is a satisfying treat for anyone who loves danceable grooves, and moreover, those who appreciate erudite songwriting of any style.

Mindy McCall

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