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Alonzo, showcases his entertainment ‘it factor’


August embers continue to sizzle with the accompanying video to Alonzo’s breakout hit “Your Medicine.” The charismatic and force to be reckoned with, LA-based singer and dancer, Alonzo, showcases his entertainment ‘it factor’ in the pulsating, sensual video. With falsetto vocals and a ripped body, Alonzo is more than a pretty face.

The video, directed by Marshall King, opens up with a disclaimer that is set to mimic the label on pill box or container. Caution it reads: keep contents away from children at all times. “Side effects include wet dreams, increasingly high body temperatures and unusual urges of intimacy.”

As that dripping beat, much like the sound of a leaky faucet prompts the song’s introduction, Alonzo is spotlighted and ready to rock. The camera features his side-man, a guitar god that has this 80s music video vibe. Much of the video has little bits that are reminiscent of MTVs golden era of music videos. Alonzo’s many outfit changes seem to draw inspiration from Michael Jackson in “Bad”, to the neon cube structure in the NSYNC “Bye, Bye, Bye”  video to LL Cool J’s hanging microphone and boxer look. That boxer look is almost pristine – a gold mic hanging from the ceiling and he’s shirtless in a hooded robe. At one point he’s in a bathtub filled to the brim with gold bottles, gold flasks and other gold containers. He does show off some of his dance moves, with gratuitous crotch grabbing (his overhauls are un-buttoned, and the top is flapped over, well, you know). His dancing is on point, but there could have been more. Alonzo’s pulls it off and the video is super entertaining, but the real star of the video is still the song.

“Best sex you’ve ever had, lay down on your back and take your medicine…take your medicine…I’m your medicine,” Alonzo croons. His voice is like a mash up of Prince, Sean Mendes, Justin Timberlake, Jason Derulo and even the Jonas Brothers. This song just gets stuck in your head and holds a tight grip. What’s exciting about this song, and this video, is Alonzo’s energy. The video doesn’t quite have a solid story to tell, but rather, it’s a visual aspect of the synergy Alonzo has with his audience. Sure, it has some sultry moments and he’s missing his shirt in some scenes. Just as his voice and the song’s chorus infects the listener, the viewer is wide-eyed and receptive to each passing moment. Again, he’s a force on the screen and his moves are even sweeter. The song emotes such waves of passion and the need to get up and dance, as a viewer to the accompanying video, I was hoping for more dance moves. I got some but needed to get my fix on more.

Overall, Alonzo scores high and can prescribe music any day of the week for fans of R&B, pop and pop rock genres. He’s truly a multi-faceted entertainer with the charisma. He commands the stage and his musical skills are equally formidable.


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Mindy McCall



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