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Brian Turner’s “Let’s Party (Holy Ghost Party)”

Though abrasive at the onset of the track, the beats that draw us into the web of melodies comprising Brian Turner’s “Let’s Party (Holy Ghost Party)” are rife with a toned muscularity that is sadly uncommon in a lot of today’s R&B-influenced gospel music, and through their boisterous flow, we get an up close and personal look at their creator’s talents without feeling like we’re hearing something derivative or unoriginal. Lush vocal harmonies entwine with the grooves to create a supple pulsation that keeps us on the edge of our seats from start to finish in “Let’s Party (Holy Ghost Party),” and even without analyzing the content of the lyrical statements made by Turner, we’re able to pick up on the faith-based undertow of every word he sings. It’s a little hip-hop, a little funk and a whole lot of masterfully arranged rhythmic catharsis, but more than anything else, it’s absolutely among the top tier of debut singles to be released by an American gospel artist this season, if not 2019 in general.

The percussion is a little intimidating in the chorus, but I think that I can get behind what Turner was trying to accomplish by making it as powerful as it is here. By using the drums as a means of illustrating the passion in the verse instead of relying on his vocal timbre alone, he’s able to make the narrative in “Let’s Party (Holy Ghost Party)” even more affective than it would have been. Turner wants to engage us on multiple levels in this track, and he isn’t going to limit himself to one sonic weapon in this war for our hearts – he’s using everything at his disposal, and yet dazzlingly avoiding the pitfalls that come with overindulgent artistry altogether. That’s pretty difficult to pull off, but he doesn’t make it look particularly complicated in this song, nor in any of the four compositions that are contained in the tracklist of God’s Gonna Bless Ya. He’s got the right attitude and the perfect style of delivery to make an impact on his audience right now, and with a lack of serious competition in or out of his scene, he definitely picked the right moment to release his virgin outing.

It’s hard not to shake your hips to the rhythm of this amazing new single, but it encompasses so many more gems than just a fun beat. “Let’s Party (Holy Ghost Party)” is a feel good anthem for Christians that need a little extra soul on their stereos this August, and even if it isn’t the most refined single to see widespread release in 2019, it’s probably one of the most heartfelt and organic in design just the same. Brian Turner is well on his way to making a name for himself in the revered gospel genre, and with some more time and patience in the studio, he’s going to get the Word out to a generation of fans that, truth be told, could use a bit more guidance from the music they listen to than some of their predecessors did.

Mindy McCall

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