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Allocai’s new single “Cloud9”

Allocai’s new single “Cloud9”

A pulsating melody is where we begin with Allocai’s new single, “Cloud9,” but its soft, underscored depth of tonality deceptively leads us into thinking that the next three and a half minutes won’t be as exciting and thrill-filled as they actually will be. It isn’t long before Allocai himself comes swinging into the track with a velvety verse that cuts through the instrumentation and instantly pulls all of our focus towards its tender nucleus. We’re not even a third of the way through this song, and already we’re trapped by an effervescent harmony that is slowly but surely taking hold of our hearts. The drums crash into each other in the background, lighting up the bottom of the mix like lightning on an otherwise dark and deserted plain.

Allocai claws his way through an ocean of melodic textures in pursuit of telling us his story in this track, and as we get closer to the chorus, the tension that he creates by going against the grain of the instrumentation becomes almost too intense to bear. He recoils from the smoldering fire just before it engulfs us in flames, but just long enough for the audience to prepare for the inevitable fate awaiting us just beyond the horizon of a sultry guitar solo. In this fleeting moment, Allocai goes straight post-rock with his new single and lets the strings take the wheel in what amounts to a Pelican-style breakdown. It’s unexpected, rather unnecessary, and unbelievably haunting, no matter how many times I listen to it.

As we get into the climactic fever pitch of “Cloud9,” Allocai’s vocal returns to the forefront of this mix and blasts through most anything that gets in its way. He isn’t about to let a single thing come between him and his audience in this song, and his desire to be heard is so emotive and fiercely strong that trying to resist his advances becomes, essentially, futile by the time we hit the 3:10 mark in the track. “Cloud9” concludes with as much mystique as it first began with, but even though it finishes us off in a glazed vocal that is not quite as potent as what we hear in the chorus, the reverberations of its heavenly harmonies are fairly hard to shake, even after only a cursory listen.

There’s been a lot of buzz when it comes to discussing this debut single from Allocai, but I’m happy to confirm that it’s not without good cause. This singer is really talented, and even though he’s got a couple of rough edges that I would prefer to hear streamlined in his next studio effort, there’s enough positive energy here to justify a full-length album’s worth of material played in this style. He’s got the stylishness to satisfy pop, rock, R&B and maybe even melodic hip-hop aficionados with “Cloud9,” and that’s not the sort of audience combination you would normally see going for the same record. I’m certain that he’ll improve with a little more time and experience, but this is an undebatable gem of a highlight in his young career.

Mindy McCall

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