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“Let You In” by Pete Muller

The first thing there is to say about Peter Muller is that he’s a fine artist with no question, in fact, I don’t get the opportunity to cover such an artist very often. On his latest single “Let You In” he sticks to his usual standard of crooning and piano playing. But in order to cover it properly it took some research to make sure everyone is presented right, rather than just give an opinion of this song. It just wouldn’t do this artist the justice he and his cool band members are worth giving credit to as they’re all on display.

I was able to run through some other videos and draw the consensus that there is much more to Muller’s music than himself, and that helped get a clearer vision on him than reviewing one song can produce. Once that was out of the way, I began to immediately appreciate Muller and get into his background as an artist. “Let You In” serves as a great introduction but I’m glad I discovered more. I recommend looking into what else he has to offer as well as this great single which is easy to listen to.

It’s hard to concentrate on Muller alone when he has such a fine band and, but the rest is golden. And this isn’t a pedestrian artist by any means, so that’s my only paradox but really has nothing to do with the musical quality delivered at the end of the day. For instance, on “Let You In” a female vocalist is featured, and that is not the case with all Muller’s tracks, others of which feature only him on vocals. But it prompted me to listen to more to conclude that she is co-writer Missy Soltero.

Muller is not only a touring musician, he’s also many other things including crossword puzzle designer, champion for music education, a math genius and founder of Process Driven Training group. This puts Muller in a class of his own to surely reckon with. It takes a lot to set one success after another down for the next, but Muller maintains it all. “Let You In” is of the same standard all his music seems to come from, using the finest producers in the industry. The video, just as with all Muller’s videos, is very well done and this one includes a performance in a bar at the end of the night.

There is only one thing I can do next and that is to buy Muller’s latest album, which I am sure will bring me more around to his band line-up, but I will say in closing that the musicians in the band are second to none, and it’s actually a duet with a slight country feel, even though primarily a jazz/pop artist. When they sing together it’s magical, so that’s another high standard “Let You In” brings, which is also a credit to them all. I didn’t stop at this single and can’t see anyone doing that with such a multi-talented and intriguing artist.

Mindy McCall



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