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We Could Be In Love” by The Promised (PREMIERE)

In their new single “We Could Be In Love,” roots duo The Promised marry melodic string play and a stirring, energetic groove to make what amounts to pure country magic just inside of a four and a half minute song. Melding influences from traditional folk music, country and even a little bit of rock, The Promised flirt with experimentalism quite openly in this track and its stylish music video, but in an uncommon twist of fate, still manage to deliver one of the most accessible songs of its kind out now and available to us everywhere independent music is sold and streamed.

The vocal harmonies are the undisputed focal point of “We Could Be In Love,” and I think that were they not mixed with as much of an emphasis on physicality, this single wouldn’t be nearly as cohesive and affectionately addictive as it ultimately is. The lyrical execution we witness from these two players is simply brilliant, and it literally binds all of the scattered elements in the composition – from the rock n’ roll rhythm to the countrified framework and the folky melodic undertow – together in singular, tightly-arranged package. If The Promised are building their identity around their singing skills, they picked the right track to release this summer in “We Could Be In Love.”

Though some use conflicting imagery to contrast with a relatively simple soundtrack, that isn’t the case in The Promised’s music video for this single, which is as cinematic as the song itself is. There’s a lot of bright color for us to absorb, and while the visuals are quite stimulating in their own right, they never steal the thunder away from the real star of this show – the melodic moxie powering every verse we hear. This is one of the few country videos I’ve seen this season that didn’t suffer from an overproduced finish, and that alone makes it a worthwhile watch for the genre’s most loyal enthusiasts.

If this a sample of what’s to come from The Promised in future recordings, then I for one am very eager to hear more from this excitingly talented twosome. There’s a lot of potential in the lyrical dueling that they give up in “We Could Be In Love,” and if they’re able to mature in their poeticism whilst cultivating their vocal stylings to be all they can be, then I don’t know that there will be much of a question as to whether or not they’ve got a big future to look forward to in this industry.

Mindy McCall



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