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Interview with ELA

Out of Austin,TX and lighting up the scene, ELA is a creative force to be reckoned with!

Thanks for joining us today ELA, tell us about the inspiration behind your current sound, and how it has evolved. 

Which comes first for you, the lyrics or the music in the studio?

 Well, it depends on the song and how the inspiration comes. Sometimes a song starts with a vocal line like Light it Up did. I did that Prince-Like falsetto and my co-writer Matt Parmenter started laying down that funky bass.

Please tell us about your new, yet to be released music.

I have a few gems that I’m working on. One is just a concept right now and the other is called Iris and the Beautiful Soul, which is about a photographer, and the relationship between the photographer, the camera and the model. I’m very excited about the new direction that I am taking. It’s daring and bold and I don’t hold back. It’s beautiful.

Where do you seek inspiration when creating music? 

I find that inspiration finds me. Although, when I need some I go for walks and go see shows and movies and get that creative brain going. I also find that laying in my bed with my eyes closed and giving myself permission to freely create brings in some amazing imagery!

What have seen some of your most memorable moments thus far in your career? 

I’ve had some incredible shows with the crowd singing that makes my heart burst!! I’ve also had the pleasure of winning a NSAI award for Best Song at the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival alongside some amazing artist. I feel my best is yet to come!

Please let us know about the upcoming release dates and your next show date/ location.

I don’t have a firm release date for the next single yet, but you can find my newest single, Light it Up on all media platforms and stream ELA Light it Up on YouTube to watch the dance party, disco video!

End of Interview



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