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A Gig-goers Guide to International Band Chasing

Photo by 27707 / CC0 1.0
Following their favorite band around to various exotic locations, to watch them play live, is every gig-goers dream

Everyone has that one band. The one who’s music means so much to them that following them around the world to see them at every stop of an international tour becomes a life goal.

Bands tour for a variety of reasons. It might just be the release of a new album or something far more important, like a reunion or farewell tour. The good news is that, with modern infrastructure, a good plan, and at least some idea of how you are going to pay for it, you can indeed follow your favorite band around the world.

In this article, we’ll be breaking that process down and giving you some helpful tips on how to make your world trip as easy a possible.

Have a Plan

As the old saying goes, proper planning prevents poor performance. This is never truer than when you plan to travel across the globe. Your first stop should be to make sure you have an up to date touring schedule for the band.

Once you know where their stops are going to be and what dates they will be playing, you can start to make your own plans. Planning your trip in advance is a great way of keeping your budget down, as you can take advantage of booking cheaper flights and low-cost accommodation.

Photo by 908419 / CC0 1.0
Not only will following your band’s international tour dates mean you get to see them repeatedly, it means you’ll get to visit places you might never have gone otherwise

Do Your Research

The best way to keep yourself out of trouble is to understand where you are going and what the local conditions are like. The band you are going to see will probably only ever see the inside of the venue before being whisked off to a 5-star hotel and then bundled onto a chartered aircraft on the way to their next gig.

You will probably not be staying in a 5-star hotel and staying safe means doing your research beforehand. If your chosen band is playing in Madrid or London, you’ll probably be reasonably fine no matter where you are, as long as you don’t take unnecessary risks.

If they are playing in Rio, there are some places you should really avoid. Doing some research beforehand can save you some real trouble in the long run. Oh, and remember to get the suggested immunization shots for the country you are headed for.

Pack Smart

Following a band all over the world means that you’ll be visiting a range of countries, some of which have pretty extreme environments. If you were following Metallica around in 2013, you would have had to change to see them play at the Argentine Antarctic Base Carlini, as long as you had the right clothing to deal with temperatures that dropped as low as -50°C.

Before you start packing exclusively band shirts and flip-flops, take a close look at where you’ll be heading and pack appropriately.

Photo by dlonrax / CC0 1.0
From small venues to huge stadiums, you’ll be able to listen to your favorite music in a range of amazing places

Stay Healthy

All the travel is going to take it out of your body, leaving you sore and run down. Refill those batteries by making sure you eat right and avoid junk food. Healthy eating is always surprisingly expensive, so if time or budget demands you eat from the Burger King menu for a night, so be it. Just don’t make it a habit.

When you reach your hotel room, take the time to run through some hotel room yoga to stretch out those sore muscles. Repeatedly being crammed into tiny aircraft seats and sleeping in strange beds can do a number on your back and neck. A little yoga here and there will keep you supple and pain-free for dancing at the gigs.

Budget Well

Unless you are a freelancer with the ability to earn on the move, the chances are that you’ll be eating into your savings for this trip. Build space into your budget for emergencies: missed flights, terrible accommodations, vehicles breaking down, etc, etc.

When you have your budget, try and stick to it. Overspending will bring your trip screeching to a halt. Leave the extravagant lifestyles and hotel room trashing to the band themselves.

Following your favorite band around on an international tour can be a once in a lifetime experience. The best way to make sure it lives up to your expectations is to put in a little planning time to ensure your time on the road is amazing.



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