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Interview: Lanny Paul

Thanks for joining us today Lanny Paul,  tell us about the influences behind this powerful voice of yours. 

Well this goes back a ways. I remember listening to David Lee Roth, and I wanted to scream like him! Then it was Marq Torien of the Bullet Boys, and Skid Row’s Sebastian Bach… and on and on. I got my hands on some Sound Garden, and that took it to a whole new level of awwe and endure. I couldn’t believe my ears… I couldn’t resist trying to hit those notes… I mean for years I was studying, and beating myself up until I could shape and strengthen my voice anywhere near the range of Chris Cornel. I actually had the chance to meet Chris Cornell at a weenie roast quite a few years back. I’m still a huge fan to this day. My world absolutely went dark at his passing.

Which comes first for you, the lyrics or the music in the studio?  

Lyrics 90% of the time. I usually have a story bouncing around in my head, and/or some music, I hum it, think of some lyrics that go with the music I hear…record it… then hum some more. As dumb as it sounds, sometimes on my iPhone I record rambling mumbles at certain parts and it eventually all comes into a rough shape, then I work the vocals and polish it to be more compelling. I’m still trying to master this one. Then, I bring it in to the studio to brainstorm, and write with my producer and magician Raz Klinghoffer. We make the magic happen. Sometimes with a co-writer to help me ploish the message. When goose bumps appear, I feel that it is right and it gets recorded and mastered. Then I make sure I can listen to it repeatedly, and still love it… that is it in summary!

Please tell us about your new, yet to be released music. 

 I’ve got some music that is very personal to me ready to release. I’ve been admittedly holding out. The next song I am releasing is about my kids… as a Father. I never feel like I do enough for my kids and it can get tough if I think about what I should’ve done, or done better, etc. In a nutshell, while creating “Perfect Ride,” I thought of their perspective, wondering if they would be okay, and live a prosperous life, I thought about showing them how to live, etc… ensuring them that they would have the “perfect ride.” Wanting them to have confidence to make their lives spectacular is top priority of mine. They can do anything they have a passion for in my eyes and it is a ride I really enjoy watching – in 5k 3D. I love guiding them along the way. There is no better reward than seeing them live out their dreams.

Where do you seek inspiration when creating music?  

Around every corner there is a story to tell, and life is a constant “ride.” I am into the more meaningful rides that are also more relatable, and personal. I have a lot of stories to tell and until now I have been keeping them to myself. I have been living at 110MPH. I’ve been and will always be ultra adventurous, and a risk taker and I’m never giving up that blood!!! Rather, I’m slowly handing it over to my offspring. Having 3 kids makes for some crazy stories everyday, and some very relatable touching stories as well. I’ll be pulling from the heart often. The only way to live… I hope everybody who listens, enjoys the RIDE!

 What have been some of your most memorable moments thus far in your career?  

Meeting Chris Cornell was a huge high point, as he is by far my biggest influencer!  When anyone says they really like my music or can relate to it, it is something big for me. I have a moment of my own and if we have any sort of an interaction, it is priceless to me. These don’t happen often, but I dig it when it does!!

 Please let us know about your upcoming release dates and your next show date/ location.

No dates to announce yet, it is only a few months out. I plan to play some local clubs in LA area most likely in a sort of cameo style. I will be posting on Instagram and YouTube, and completing the album through the summer – monitoring the radar closely! “Perfect Ride”, one of my heartfelt favorites, is set to release across the globe on August 20th, 2019. Expect to see a video of “Friday” releasing at the same time plus a “Perfect Ride: video shortly thereafter. It should be an interesting ride… Hope you have an experience with it!

You can follow me on Instagram or YouTube @lannypaulmusic for current information and show dates. Hope to see you soon!

End of Interview



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