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Serbian super star band, ITCH, releases new EP “Round 2”

ITCH, formed in 2010, in Belgrade, set themselves with a goal is to make music that is a blend of many different styles.

Whereas the  members of the group have different styles and tastes in music, the binding element that truly stands out and brings them together is the group’s striving to create ‘out of the box‘  unique & creative songs that have originality.

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Their debut album was released in 2012 and in a relatively short period of time they have played as many gigs as they could, and hit some rather big festivals along the way like Strumica Open Air, Beer Fest, Urban fest in Osijek.

With worldwide radio airplay and a global fan base, their debut music video got featured on MTV Adria.


Itch has been rocking out with a new lineup for our second album ‘Round 2’ which was released in May of this year. With two singles already released – ‘Prison Disco’ and ‘Mangata’.

In Review:

Round 2 by ITCH has the comings of a great band with the style to weather time, upbeat and powerful, opening with the song ‘Prison Disco’ as mentioned, the song has spark and takes you through multiple music stylings, reminiscent of female led bands lick No Doubt, which really brought the music scene on its head and ITCH has that same drive. The track “My Oh My” has a funk groove and with its rhythmic back beat has some great presence.

Round 2 has real multi-level balance, not to be considered a series of tracks with a couple of great moments, the entire album rocks and brings the band into the world stage. The 3rd track is “Tree Men”, starting slow and light with opening melodies, comes into it’s own with swelling and blissful riffs. “Defpotec” is definitely Ska influenced and has a satirical “conversation” background between the conscious and subconscious parts of the mind. The song is fun and bouncy. The album has a soft lull with the track “ReRe” and then the track “Captain Love” just explodes and turns the power up again!

They are looking forward to promoting our new music video for ‘Captain Love’ and going on a USA tour under Latticesphere Records.

Review Continued: “Sun Will Rise” has a bit of a dark melody, and dower imagery, which is enticing, and sensual, the music twists and turns like a prevailing wind. the pop/ska beat Picks up again in the track “Yura“, which has a hard rock sound in it’s composition, possibly an anthem to remember.the album closes with ‘Mangata’, the 2nd of the mentioned singles released, and closes the album with a strong “Prog Rock” style, which shows the bands dynamic and multi influenced style, I personally think it closes the album perfectly, leaving the listener wanting more.

Round 2 by ITCH is definitely an album to listen to and share with anyone that loves music that is driving, powerful an inspirational.



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