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Fred Hostetler releases new Video: Heart Radio Pt.1…into the labyrinth

Reveiw by Joseph Timmons: IndiePulse Music Magazine.

Blues artist and singer / songwriter Fred Hostetler has released a new video for the alum recently released on the Mukthiland Records label Heart Radio. In description by those in the music industry, the album of Fred’s recent and most valuable offering to the genre has been said to be “Authentic 80’s power pop.”, but for me, it is transformational at it’s base, a foundation in philosophy and critical thinking with a healthy dose of self-criticism.

In Review: Heart Radio Pt.1…into the labyrinth is a story in 2 parts, combining to set a whole picture. One is the music, an audio map of a lifetime, telling the story of a musicians life and how that life intertwines with the other parts of a persons soul, the ups and downs and all in between.

This, adjacent to the video, showing one traversing the labyrinth, tracing and retracing ones steps, finding solace in some, answers in others and possibly more questions… such is life, each step having so many options and alternate steps, which path does one take… I would believe that in his life Fred Hostetler has walked this path many times, many ways, and the journey is far from over at any point, and with each step, as with each song he creates, another door is opened, which gives us, the listener more wonderful music to enjoy.

In commentary, Fred Hostetler said “For nearly a half century, Heart Radio was a work in progress. It was finally self-released as my first solo album ever, a personal milestone, and a chance to express a fraction of what I had learned from being a very small cog in the music industry machine. Even for a bit player it was an amazing sojourn, a labyrinth like maze both confusing and enlightening. It was a pilgrimage to the center, the inner source of it All, not just the music biz. The inner song of the heart, the Heart Radio, is the song of love.

The artwork of the album depicts this journey with an iconic looking musician carrying a guitar case, headed into the whirlwind of the unknown. The mystery of the maze and the labyrinth of life are reflected in the different stops along the way: rehearsing garage bands, playing at dances, jamming in basements, then graduating to live performances in clubs, bars, frat parties. Genre jumping, learning to play and enjoy different styles of music: folk, blues, bluegrass, country, Chicago blues, and the creative explosion of the rock era-the album crosses some of that territory.  

In hindsight this journey viewed from the center out is like looking at a battlefield of random hardships scattered with flowers that bloomed and died. But a dried rose maintains a bittersweet lasting beauty. Free food appears when there is not even a penny in the glass change jar, or a ten dollar bill appears on the sidewalk at the corner of 8th Avenue and 23rd in NYC. Little miracles to remember.”

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