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Szandra Mayer welcomes us into her latest single “Summertime Is Here”

In a melodic wave that is both intimidatingly large and brilliantly colorful, Szandra Mayer welcomes us into her latest single, the exotic “Summertime Is Here,” with a lovely vocal harmony that will take us over the moon and back in this sublimely sharp dance track. The first sixty seconds of the song are very surreal, beginning off with only a muted pulsation of textured synth melodies, teasing us with the promise of something larger than life waiting just beyond the heavenly lyrical horizon. Mayer enters and starts to weave her inescapable web of poetic tension with simplistic verses that speak to the very nature of the music we’re hearing beneath them. Her voice is crisply mixed into the collective sonic juggernaut taking shape before our very ears, and roughly fifteen seconds into the track, it breaks away into a dissonant echo that triggers the first in a series of catharsis-building instrumental explosions that “Summertime Is Here” has in store for us. We’re not even a third of the way through this sporty pop tune and Szandra Mayer already has us on the edge of our seats (which is no easy feat for even the most experienced of artists to accomplish).

The chorus ascends into the skies above like a rocket launching into outer space, and with a galloping drumbeat we’re swept away by the heaviest hook of Mayer’s career. The adrenaline is off the charts, but our lead singer isn’t backing down from the violent volley transpiring in the instrumentation; she’s running head-first into the firestorm of grooves with a voice that is just as passionate (if not a bit more so) in tone as any of the other elements in this track are.

I was first introduced to Szandra Mayer via her single “Never Ever,” which saw the emerging popstar focusing a lot of attention on joining a ferocious rhythm with a delicate, and at times ultra-fragile, vocal, but the same cannot be said of the structuring we find in “Summertime Is Here.” On the contrary, she’s sounding a lot more cohesive in this song, aligning every biting verse with a freight train of synth wallop and steering clear of the postmodern themes that so many of her peers have been content to rehash over and over lately.

“Summertime Is Here” concludes with a chilling dissipation into the silence through which it first came barreling only three minutes and twenty-one seconds earlier, and even though it’s on the shorter side of the spectrum in terms of length, what it lacks in quantity it more than makes up for in rare aesthetical quality. Szandra Mayer is translating like the genuine dynamo that she is in this single, and considering how high she set the bar for herself in her last release, the charismatic “I Love You,” it’s really something that he’s been able raise it yet again in this awesome new track. There’s no need for debate; if you love premium pop music that hasn’t been filtered through an artificial, emotionless lens, the works of Ms. Szandra Mayer belong on your stereo right now. She’s become an elite player in 2019, and that’s putting it very mildly.

Mindy McCall

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