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Interview: Dina Renee

Dina Renee has a new release and a long list of all the things she’s NOT Gonna Do.  Can you relate?

When did you know you would ultimately create a life in music? 

I think it was something I always wanted. I remember teaching myself every song my older sister could play just by ear and freaking out my soon to be piano teacher. It was something I wanted so badly even at 6 years old.

How do you balance the life of a musician with the normal day to day?

When I have days I record or have shows I try to devote the whole day to that. But if I’m being honest I literally never have a day off. I’m always creating and always working. I literally write songs in my car on my way to the next gig. Lots of cbd oil is how I try to stay balanced haha

Who have been your greatest musical heroes?

Britney Spears and Mariah Carey- the spice girls I like to still pretend the spice girls are coming out with new music.

What is the meaning behind What I’m Not Gonna Do? 

It’s a song to empower girls or guys to value yourself more than to be treated badly in a relationship. You know when you deserve more and when it’s not right. It’s also a message to myself to stop going for guys that will never be emotionally available. Damn it Dina!

If you had to describe your new music in only 3 words what would they be?

Fun, empowering, catchy

How do you feel about the current modern musical landscape?

I love how we have the control to make our own content and create our own fan experience through on our own platforms. But I also wish the whole follower and social media thing didn’t matter. I just wish it was only about the art created and less about if this artist has 1 million plays on Spotify already.

If you could tour the world with one artist (living or non) who would it be and why?

Britney Spears- so I can tell everyone before she comes on the stage to LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE

Please share with us one unique thing about you that most of your fans might not know.

I don’t do rollercoasters yet I love haunted houses. I hate that feeling of your stomach flipping yet being scared or startled by is so much fun to me.

Where can become your biggest fans out there on the web? 

Follow me on Instagram @dinarenee that’s where I post the most-probably too much

Thank you for your time and best of luck with your new music.

End of Interview



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