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IndiePulse Reviews: New Album Re-Release by Zig Zag

New from Nomad Eel Records: Album Review of Zig Zags – 10-12-18 rarities, b-sides, and more

Review by Joseph Timmons: IndiePulse Music Magazine

The evil masterminds at Nomad Eel Records has done it again, brought to life a great new release just in time for the new year of releases to bewitch the Music Lover’s Minds. The new album on this phenom indie label 10-12-18 rarities, b-sides, and more by Zig Zags are inspired offerings on Vinyl, produced to be a collectors edition with straight and special variants, NER ( Nomad Eel Records) spared no expense to create albums of superior quality and masterful composition.


Album Info:

Zig Zags – 10-12-18 rarities, b-sides, and more – Available Now Limited Supply – Catalog: NER-020

Deluxe 2 Vinyl LP Set / 200 on black, 75 on translucent green with pink splatter, 25 waxmage, and 30 test Press’s with 3D cover and glasses and signed by band.

Fresh on the heels of their newest and latest album release They’ll Never Take Us Alive, Zig Zags on August 30, 2019 has released a special limited edition version of Zig Zags – 10-12-18 rarities, b-sides, and more.

Originally released as a cassette only collection on Burger entitled “10-12.” Zig Zags – 10-12-18 …rarities, b-sides, and more…has been remastered and compiled with new tracks for the first time ever on vinyl.

This compilation traces the evolution of an acoustic two piece into the “fire breathing punk fucking metal” monster Zig Zags would become. The tracks on 10-12-18 are compiled in sequential order allowing the listener to hear for themselves as the band navigates through the early stage jams and actually learning how to play their instruments (“kind of”).

Sides 1 and 2 contain the aforementioned 10-12 cassette made up of demos and singles on Mexican Summer, Tubesteak Tuesday, and Who Can You Trust Records? The second LP picks up with a newly focused lineup and OOP 7” singles from Volcom Entertainment, In The Red Records, Chrome Banana, and Famous Class Records. Like the original Burger Records cassette, the vinyl version is limited to 300 copies.

This 2 album set features 25 tracks of raw punk fury, yet sets the pace for a glorious legacy in music, those familiar with Zig Zag know the band has been a vibrant part of the Underground music scene, now classified as Indie, one could say these guys set the foundation for what we all look for in a new music scene. Comparing their sound now to what they began as, you can see where they have honed their talents and made music history. Their raw punk rock sound transformed over the years to a Punk/Metal powerhouse.

In Review:

With so many tracks and a sound you have to hear and experience, suffice to say this is a great re-release of some classic Gen X Era Punk infuse with some high brow humor and honest self-critique, as the band takes their music seriously, but they take a relatively honest “tongue in cheek” view of themselves.

Tracks of Sincere Merit:

While all the tracks blister the skin like a thousand Horseradish and Jalapeno Smoothies, I particularly love Tough Guy Hands, Monster Wizard, I Am The Weekend, Brainded Warrior ( Metal As Fuck This One), Humans March Let’s Die, which I feel is Black Sabbath Inspired, (Ozzy Would Be Proud) and is a significant look into where the band is heading musically. Closing track Choking On Your Insides is, even for the bad Zig Zags, is amazingly dark, listen to the lyrics carefully…. Oh so good.







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