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The music of Jay Katana is striking on an emotional scale, it worms it’s way into you, and powers the synapses, a completely different experience for every listener.

Review by Joseph Timmons: IndiePulse Music Magazine

If you have followed the Indie Music Scene and track the Instrumental Guitarist genre, then the name Jay Katana is not unknown to you. As a highly-skilled guitarist and performer, Jay injects his signature brand of individuality into any song.

With his tonal range and flawless technique, the Atlanta, GA-based musician works his signature style into virtually any musical genre. Katana’s sound is very recognizable, his leads are intense and versatile. His composing skills, performance and onstage action always give the audience a memorable experience and elevate the listener’s emotions.


A short time ago, we covered his work on a project titled “Bleeding Boyfriend”, which, in Jay’s own words was “an electronic dance metal, multi-media concept consisting of comic book music videos, all with a goal of making music that will serve as a soundtrack for people’s lives, to inspire them and to connect them to their memories and dreams.”. the work was exciting, fresh an bold, a riveting experience.

Now, Jay has released a new EP BLEEDING BOYFRIEND MIXTAPE (THE END 2012-2019), this 6 track EP has Jay’s exuberant signature style in every note, following the concept of what I would call “Digital Infusion” where sounds merge and create emotion, the tracks range in length from literally a minute to a normal song length of 3 to 5 min, I would personally say that to me, they are not just “songs” but thoughts, as some tracks change melodies and tempos, often drastically, but still keep in structure of imaginative audio prose.


Katana takes BLEEDING BOYFRIEND MIXTAPE (THE END 2012-2019) to the edges of creativity, connecting his talented and intriguing guitar style while superimposing an “digital” soundscape, leaving no empty voids in the sometimes dark synergy of his music. Where as this EP will formally be released on this Friday the 13th, 2019, you can hear the track Kiss Closed via “


In general, it is often difficult to “Review” and instrumental album, when doing a review, one tends to focus on lyrics or genres or styles, but when you have an artist that is so fluent as Jay Katana, and music that is conceived on a visionary scale that is meant to flood the senses with emotion, it is quite impossible to fully tell how to connect to it. The music of Jay Katana is striking on an emotional scale, it worms it’s way into you, and powers the synapses, a completely different experience for every listener. So, I have taken this clip from Jay’s Facebook page, the teaser reel for Mix Tape –

As stated, the new album will be available everywhere September 13th. On Jay Katana’s web site he said “This time Electronic Dance Metal goes to the next level by exploring the new grounds of Dubstep and Hip Hop beats. While at the same time the Acoustic Guitar is used more than before”. this is both true and yet understated.

As in his name Jay Katana, his music strikes deep and to the quick, through flesh and bone, into the heart, and finds it’s way into your every thought.

We at IndiePulse Music want to urge you to seek out and explore the music of Jay Katana, it is an experience well worth living.

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