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Allocai’s first single from the album Cruelty “Hush”

Allocai’s first single from the album Cruelty, “Hush”, has a celebratory feel from the outset reflective of the ultimate personal victory his music represents. The track runs almost four minutes in length but never tests your patience; instead, it has an effortless lift carrying listeners from the outset and never relenting. Allocai’s indie status hasn’t stopped him from offering a single possessing every bit of the five star polish and production values we expect from marquee acts; it is clear, even with a single hearing, Allocai isn’t content with making music for himself alone. His songs are aimed at the widest possible audience and he’s ensured they will be heard as such and accorded the attention they deserve.

He doesn’t rely on the typical assemblage of pre-programmed instruments to make “Hush” come alive for listeners. Allocai incorporates tasteful and well-placed electric guitar throughout the track that adds layers of color and melody to the release and a hard percussive snap setting an authoritative tone for the track from the start. The cut opens with the song’s main melody seeming to play through a transistor radio before the track begins in earnest – it is a nice atmospheric touch, ultimately extraneous, but it never harms the performance in any meaningful way.

His vocals are first class all the way. Allocai is a born singer for this sort of material and he has an effortless manner handling melody that helps “Hush” achieve an impact far greater than the sum of its individual parts. There are some concessions to modern technology in the song; keyboards are present, albeit understated, and there are post-production effects attached to Allocai’s voice enhancing the overall mood. His phrasing is spot on for what the track needs and creates a palpable welcoming allure certain to draw scores of listeners into its web.

The lyrics make no attempt at remaking the songwriting wheel and reflect the intensely personal nature of Allocai’s musical art. Despite that personal slant, “Hush” is a song any discerning listener can relate to – the musical tone of the track has a positive air from beginning to end and Allocai’s life-embracing voice elevates the lyrical content several notches. His voice seamlessly melds into the musical arrangement and they move as one towards the track’s inevitable conclusion. Unlike many pop performers, Allocai’s lyrics aren’t merely functional in the sense they give him something to sing and nothing more. He has a message to convey and does so quite well.

“Hush” is a beautiful and flawless pop song that belies Allocai’s relative inexperience as a musical artist. The exponential growth he has enjoyed in the five years since his musical trip began is breathtaking – “Hush” sounds like the product of an artist much more experienced than Allocai and it is bracing to think how far Allocai can take his talents from here. If this track is any indication of the excellence awaiting listeners with Cruelty then we can be assured Allocai’s album is one of the most impressive pop album releases in recent memory.

Mindy McCall

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