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Singer / Songwriter Fred Hostetler Releases New Video

Fred Hostetler releases New and Spiritual Video for his song Gayatri Mantra Americana

Americana acoustic guitar and voice rendition of the beloved best known chant of India the Gayatri mantra, a universal prayer to the Divine light.

During his many years in India, Fred Hostetler became familiar with mantras and chanting. One of the most beloved of all chants is the Gayatri Mantra, which he chanted thousands of times.

“I was encouraged by a friend who sponsors worldwide Gayatri chanting to record an acoustic guitar and voice version with an Americana flavor. This track which came to me over time is the result. Gayatri is the Mother of the Hindu scriptures, the Vedas. As she is the embodiment of all Goddesses, she is very powerful. Wherever her name is chanted, she is at that place. She is the One nourishing all, protecting every being bestowing pure thoughts. Our very breath is Gayatri, our faith in existence is Gayatri. She can motivate our senses. She can illuminate our intelligence and inspire us to seek a more enlightened way of life.”

Fred Hostetler’s Video for Gayatri Mantra Americana is a delightful and serene breath of fresh air in a world that looks to take up every minute of every day, it is, as one would feel, a way of visually and audibly disconnecting with the stress of daily living. The video takes us into Fred’s very happy place, one of blissful serenity and calm, the imagery is simply… life, and it is living, no flash, no images to attack the senses, just that moment to connect with living. His vocals are just a subtle an caring, like a father singing a lullaby, it carries you off to a place where no harm could come to you, a place where you are free to be.

In Fred Hostetler’s past releases, in the genres of Blues, Soul, Rock and his experimental side of creative compositions, I would believe he looks to open you mind to the possibilities, and in this video, he looks to open your third eye to the reality of the world we could thrive in, rather than the world, it has become so difficult to survive in.

Thank You Fred, For Everything.



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