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Interview: The Radio Buzzkills

If you’re not familiar with the Gutter Pop genre, allow us to introduce The Radio Buzzkills to you.  This St. Louis Punk outfit is armed with a HOTT new Vinyl Release and are currently gearing up to hit the road soon.

Thank you for sharing some time with our readers today, what have you been up to in 2019?

2019 was a big year for us. In 2019 we released our second full length, Get Lost!  It’s a concept album about getting lost in all the wrong kinds of love played at blistering speed and it is packed full of sugary pop hooks and sneering vocals. We toured the midwest, east and Canada. It was a great year for us, Get Lost! is getting a vinyl release at the end of October. Generally, we’ve spent 2019 having a blast.

Any LIVE show experiences or road stories you would like to share? 

We stayed with the guitar player for Rocky Tony Horror in Buffalo, New York. She was a kind a gracious host. She lived right across the street from this massive historic cemetery. So we got to talking to her about it and we were informed that Funk Superstar Rick James is buried there. We had to go visit but after our grave-stop he haunted us for several days as we traveled into Canada.  Amps were breaking, guitar strings were popping off all the time and we heard ghostly cries of “Super Freak!” in the night. We were forced to find a French Priest in Montreal to perform an exorcism in or Van. The fragrance of priestly incense hangs in the van to this very day and the stench of holy water still clings to Gene’s sweater. Since then things have gone back to normal, mostly. The lesson is, don’t mess with paranormal forces that you do not understand.

With such a busy performance schedule, how do you find the time to rehearse and create new music?

At the end of 2018 and into 2019 we took from November to April off from any touring or even local St.Louis shows. We will do the same thing going into 2020. We take this time to finish writing and recording. Throughout the year we make sure to take time to write as many songs as possible. Some we end up working on, some get tossed in the trash and a few see the light of day.

Where are you currently located and what are your favorite local spots to play? 

We are from sweet home St.Louis, number one in murder rate and number 37 in the hearts of the American people.

What is the Tour plan? 

We will hit the road in the early summer of 2020, dates to come! We’d love to go play in Japan we should look into that.

When we follow our dreams in life, there are sacrifices.  What do you find to be the greatest sacrifices and the greatest gifts of your career?

There is a significant amount of rejection involved in playing music. We try to learn and grow from our failures. For instance, we now know not to mess with the paranormal. We’ve learned from what we refer to as “The Rick James Incident” and now we will move on as a wiser band of Buzzkills.

Please share with our readers how we can support your music on line as well as in real life.

You can download albums directly from us at:

You can see our faces and follow our show schedule on:

You can listen to everything on:

You can support our record label and buy physical copies here:

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