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Exclusive Interview with The Keymakers

Thank you for sharing some time with our readers today, what have you been up to in 2019?

Red: 2019 has been our biggest year so far. We’ve released 4 singles (the 5th is coming the first week of October), played our first festival, and will be releasing our first cohesive EP project, ‘Spectra’, by the end of the year. It’s been an incredibly busy year but we’ve made so much progress along our journey and think the next few months will be twice as exciting.

Current goals for 2020? 

Rome: Our goals heading into next year are to really take our music-making to the next level. Once we have our full EP under our belt, our main focus will shift to playing as many shows as possible while continuing to develop our sound and release high-quality music consistently.  While music is our main gig, we both work jobs here in Boston and one of the goals heading into 2020 is becoming full-time musicians. Once we do that, then we can really push this even further and test the limits of what we’re capable of.

Any LIVE show experiences or road stories you would like to share? 

Red: Like we mentioned, we’re still pretty new to this, so it’d definitely be a lie to say our first show went off without a hitch. We played at a fraternity house in front of a college crowd and had a blast, but the speakers were pointed right at our microphones and we…let’s just say we had some feedback issues. While it was happening, it was crazy stressful – but looking back, it was sort of a ‘baptism by fire’. When things like that happen (and trust us, they will happen), all you can do is keep the energy up and do your best. Having that experience early definitely put us in a good spot to be quick on our feet up on stage. And I think what we’ll both remember most from that trip though was the drive – 16 hours both ways. It was 100% worth it, and the excitement on the way there was just as cool as being able to enjoy and reflect on the way back.

How do you find the time to rehearse and create new music? 

Rome: It’s definitely a struggle – but there are a lot of hours in a day. While it may require cutting way back on going out with friends or, you know, sleeping – we find time to get quality work done – often times when no one else is awake. It might not be comfortable, but that’s not really what we signed up for. At the end of the day, it’s about using all of your time in a way that will keep you moving forward as artists.

Where are you currently located and what are your favorite local spots to play? 

Red: We’re based in Boston/Cambridge. While we don’t have a ton of experience playing in the area yet having just moved from the studio to the stage, we’ve absolutely loved getting to Open Mics all across the city to test some things out that we’re working on. The best part about those is you still get the rush of performance but you also surround yourself with other local talent. Through local Open Mics and hosting some Sofar Sounds shows at our place, we’ve made connections with some really talented and special people.

When we follow our dreams in life, there are sacrifices.  What do you find to be the greatest sacrifices and the greatest gifts of your career?

 Rome: That’s a great question, especially because it hits super close to home for us. We think, in a lot of ways, the greatest sacrifice and the greatest gift are tied into each other. When you’re trying to do what we want to do with music, it takes everything you have. There is no halfway, it’s gotta be all in. What that leads to is a lot of time away from friends, family, and those you love and care about. Whether it’s spent in the studio or on the road, we’re often missing time with our favorite people in the world to pursue our dream and that’s by far the biggest sacrifice we make. The other side of that is that those people continue to support and believe in us every step of the way. They understand that we can’t always be there and they still give us the same unconditional love that they always have. Having that behind us is the greatest gift they could ever give. We wake up every day and know that we have to work hard, but it makes it a whole lot easier knowing our team, our family, our friends, and our fans are behind us, pushing us to keep going.

Please share with our readers how we can support your music on line as well as in real life?

Red: Absolutely! We LOVE connecting with fans, and the best place to reach us is on Instagram (@thekeymakers) – follow us, come say hi!

All of our music can be found on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, or anywhere you stream or buy your music! To stay tuned for our live shows, follow us on Songkick.

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Thank you for your time and wishing you all the best with your musical career.

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