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“Goodie Two Shoes” by Sayed Sabrina

“Goodie Two Shoes” by Sayed Sabrina, is a hot blues cut with a lot of other musical inflections of the same family of genres, including Soul and Jazz with plenty of Pop and Rock attitude. The video is also a no frills, stripped back performance thing that suits it right down to the last note before she directs viewers to her channel. Just one listen to the audio track and you are hooked, especially if you like to dance and kick it to big diva style vocals because she’s no new comer on the music scene and goes back a ways to when everything was more exposed.


The description going around about “Goodie Two Shoes” covers the brass factors and gritty-based backbone, but it’s a good idea to see all that in action by watching the video. This is a song with plenty of miles to go whether listening or watching, so it takes its own prize for that where others can aim well but still miss. The single comes from Thou Art That, a new disc featuring the likes of Bobby Watson, Sarah Morrow (Dr. John, Ray Charles), Gary Herbig (Elvis, Tower of Power), Carlos De La Paz and Bryan Head, and it leads in respective fashion.

It takes a lot of bravery to do anything in today’s music industry without feeling like you are either trying to hard to reinvent the wheels are not trying hard enough. The outcome makes for a lot of garage- style indie music that doesn’t shine the way Sayed Sabrina does, but her music is produced with the best of ‘em. This is obviously because Sabrina’s a seasoned musician and singer with an illustrious background to show for it. But seeing and hearing is everything, so do both and get both on an equal level.

The video matches the song with views of the workmanship in the recording studio with the vibe showing what went into the song from a studio performance perspective. If that doesn’t bring out the best in any song, I don’t know what can because it sure beats watching some mini movie video. Not much more can be said about something you can listen to and watch yourself, but I can enthusiastically express the artist lives up to her name and delivers the goods here. The rest speaks volumes for itself once you check it out, which is another way of recommending it.

You’ll want to discover more music by Sayed Sabrina, with tracks like “The Pedestrian” and the longer track “Star Shines” for more of where this comes from once it lights the way. You can get the idea just how jazzy and funky she is by doing this, and it just helps get a better measure of the magnitude of this superior singer who only works with the best musicians and producers. “Goodie Two Shoes” can be appreciated a lot more with that little chance to familiarize with the artist, and that’s always better to do than not.

Mindy McCall



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